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Our very own Nicholas Lumley (from Hungerford) had a small part in the Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge TV special but he wasn’t told what it involved when he accepted the role.

“I was offered the job because they saw me as an auctioneer on Downton Abbey,” reports Nick from the RSC, where he is in rehearsal for his next production. “I had less than a day’s notice to get from Newcastle to the set at The Dartford Crossing Bridge, write my own script and organise 60 extras to create a believable auction.

“And it was only four hours before filming started that we were told what the show was really about. It was hard to take it in and have any idea what the result would be like. Derren has an extraordinary talent and it was an interesting social experiment. But I found the show rather disturbing in that they can put people through such an experience in the name of entertainment. The programme does, however, explore an alarming aspect of human behaviour which we might all do well to be more aware of. Everyone will have to watch the show and make up their own minds about it.”

Now back at the RSC, Nick has had his costume fitted for his next role. Any guesses which character he is playing in which play?

Nicholas Lumley at RSC


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