4 Legs Community Radio Update

October 2017

Plan to bring 4Legs Community Radio to the Lambourn Valley

Project Update

By Chris Capel

From my previous update at the end of August I was feeling hopeful that the remaining applications I’d made to organisations and potential funders would be successful. Well I’m pleased to report that 2 of them have been and I’ve now achieved approximately 50% of what’s needed to get the 4 Legs Community Radio station off the ground. Although this is good news it’s not where I’d planned to be right now so this is somewhat disappointing and as a consequence I’m pushing out the forecast Go Live date to the New Year.

So how do I intend to obtain the remaining 50%? Well I’m still spreading the word and speaking to local businesses about the project so remain optimistic. However as mentioned in my previous update if all funding was not available by this time I would be going down the Crowd Funding route, which is now what I intend to do.  Within the next week I will be setting up a Crowd Funding page on the Just Giving web site and hope that the good people of the Lambourn Valley will donate a few pounds so I can get this Community Service off the ground. Details of the Just Giving Crowd Funding will be posted and shared via the 4 Legs Community Radio Facebook page as well as on Penny Post and the Great Shefford web site.

Apart from efforts to obtain the required funding I can report the following:

  • Work to convert half of my garage into a studio is underway and should be complete within the next 2-3 weeks
  • I’ve secured a 4 channel second hand radio desk
  • I take delivery of all the IT kit next week from a local IT company who’ve provided everything at a fantastic price
  • Continuing to ‘spread the word’ by attending local groups, forums and speaking with key individuals within the Community

Next steps:

  • Set-up Crowd Funding page and circulate the details. Note there will be some rewards
  • Continue to speak with local businesses / organisations for funding
  • Complete the studio conversion including decorating, carpets furniture etc….
  • Perform some initial testing – Just need the IT kit, Broadband connection and web site for these tests.

The following items I need to source for the studio so if anyone knows where they can be obtained at a reasonable price it’ll be much appreciated. You can contact me at: 4legsradio@gmail.com

  • A plain pale coloured carpet off-cut of approx 3.3 metres x 2.7 metres
  • 1 or 2 office partitions each about 6′ high by about 3′ wide. Need to be made up of plain coloured fabric so I can use them as a notice board to pin information on
  • A small non-complicated coffee machine that takes the small coffee cartons i.e. similar to the Nespresso, Tassimo, and Nescafe Dolce Gusto types that cost in the region of £40 – £60 new
  • A portable electric storage heater

I will keep you posted of progress with regards to the Crowd Funding and any other donations. Hopefully the Crowd Funding will work and I’ll reach the goal within the next 4-5 weeks.



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  1. I have 2 ‘office’ chairs that need a home, if they would be of any use to you, do contact me.
    They are both in reasonable nick, both armless. You would have to collect them, from Gt. Bedwyn.

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