15 Festive Gift Ideas for the Festival lover in your tribe

Yup, it’s that time of year again. The one when you need some inspiration for that special someone in your life. Why? Because JC’s birthday is hurtling towards us a warp speed that’s why. No point being an ostrich. It’s happening. But we’re here to help you get ahead.

If you happen to be buying for a festival goer you’re in luck. We’ve got 15 great ideas for big pressies and stocking fillers. So come on, let’s work like Santa, and get on with it! Where’s an elf when you need one huh!

Festive Goodies for your Festival elf!

Festival Survival Kit1.Sooooo we have to plug our own little idea first! No really, we do. The Festival Survival Kit and/or the Waterless Wash Kit make perfect pressies for the festival goer in your life.

The survival kit has over ten handy items in it for the brilliant price of £14.50. And, you could always split up the items and pop them in a little stocking. Clever eh? A place where glow sticks and lip balms can live together in perfect harmony.

As for our waterless kit, £10.99, washing at festivals is one heck of a palaver. So win brownie points for making sure your loved one remains ‘whiff’ free.


Gorilla Tent2. If you’re thinking bigger, like a major present, then the Gorilla Tent, would be both functional and on trend. It lights up! No seriously, it glows in the dark. This means that your little festival goer can find his/her tent when perhaps they’ve had a shandy or two. We’re sure they won’t have touched anything stronger! Currently on sale…£59.99





3. With the British weather as it is, keeping dry is essential. Now you can go bog standard, stocking filler sized poncho with Summit’s clear poncho £1.99. Or you can go very funky with a Watermelon Poncho £19.99 from Etsy. It even comes with a matching bag. We love the cat getting in on the action! Purrfect …

4. How about a Festival Trolley? That mad dash across the sodden field, with their tent and gear is made so much easier with a trolley. This is from Drapers and is available on Amazon for £59.99. You could even set it up under the Christmas tree with all their other pressies in it.

Drapers Trolley

Books, Glowy Stuff & Bum Bags

5. Our next present for your delectation is: a book. Yup this book is An Essential Pocket Guide to Surviving in Style by Tamsin King. Great book, especially for the festival newbie.


6. Glow in the dark body paint anyone? Along with anything else ‘glow in the dark’ The Glow Company is one of our favourites for all things, well – ‘glowy’.Glow Body Paints




Adidas Bum Bag7. A Bum Bag. I know, I know, we were there with you, but it’s called retro now! Mmm, either way with a beverage in one hand, phone/camera in the other your festival goer will need somewhere to stash the other bits and bobs. This Adidas ‘bum bag’ at £12.99 proves to be light on the wallet. I never did understand why these things are called bum bags – does that look like it’s sitting on her bum?

8. We’ve saved the wallet trembling present for this suggestion: Festival Tickets. Tap into the festival vibe and buy tickets for the must-have festival of 2018.


Bottle LED Light

Reusing bottles! and finding the tent, both pretty useful at a festival!


9. At £1.85, we think the Rechargeable LED Bottle Light will be the cheapest gift you can give and one that will keep on giving. This LED light provides 3 hours of light after being charged (USB style) for 25 mins. Place in a bottle to give coloured illumination.



Sleeping Bag Beauties10. Over at Sleeping Bag Beauties, they take sleeping bags to the next level. One of these under the tree would surely delight? They’re 100% cotton with a quirky, stand out design. This one is called Fly Away Floral, but there are five other designs to choose from. A single is £64.99 whilst a double is £139.99. But they do come with a 100% cotton pillowcase and eye mask.





Minion Wind Sock


11. Another way to find that elusive tent amongst the festival throng, is the trusty windsock. What better than a Minion (Dave in this case) to show you the way? £19.99


Glastonbury Sign 12. This next gift isn’t necessarily for the festival goer, on his way to a festival, more for the one that’s been. These beautiful prints from Etsy would make a nice memento. This one for Glastonbury is £20.00





Unicorn Charger

Chargers, Wellies & Cat Masks!!

13. A Unicorn Charger,. What better way to get some juice into their phone whilst in the middle of a field? From Firebox (who we love), this charger uses its 2000mAh battery which is charged via USB. £14.99

14. Wellies or Pocket Overshoes, our Feetz Pocket Wellies are a great hit. You can wear them over any trainer or shoe, making them super space savers. Stuff them in a rucksack and, like a good boy or girl scout, you’ll always be prepared! And we have them on special at the moment, £10.99.Feetz Pocket Wellies

15. And finally, earplugs and sleep masks. Ah you jest, but without a good night’s sleep, the festival goer will become weary and prone to making ill-informed decisions about alcohol and people!! Check out these cute Earplugs and Sleep Masks, great lil stocking fillers from Santa.

Ear Plugs for FestivalsFunky Cat EyeMask

And there you have it, a few ideas to inspire your festive festival gift shopping. Enjoy! If you’re still a little stumped check out our Best Festival Essentials to Pack for 2017, more ideas lurk there!!

And until next time, remember to take a break from the retail therapy and #get outside!

Jo & Richard

4 Points Leisure
The Glamping, Camping and Festival Accessories shop, with years of camping experience


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