Exclusive – Santa’s Beard ‘Threatened’ Shock

santas-beardSanta is taking time out of this very busy schedule of making and delivering presents and looking after the reindeer to try and get everyone involved and help raise this money for CLIC Sargent. For this he needs your help.

Mrs Claus has volunteered Santa to have his beard shaven off for CLIC Sargent, as part of the CLIC Sargent Big Buzz Campaign. Santa said he thought it was a great cause and that he would love to help but felt that it might get a bit cold without his beard whilst delivering presents and was concerned about what the children might say. You have to live up to your image, after all.

Given Santa’s reluctance, Mrs Claus has suggested that if Santa can raise £2,000 for CLIC Sargent, she will let him keep his beard.

Every day, eleven children and young people hear the devastating news they have cancer. Currently CLIC Sargent can only help two out of three children and young people diagnosed with cancer and would like to reach as many as possible. With your support they can work towards achieving this.

Santa needs your help. Please can you help us to raise money to help young people and their families by donating to our Save Santa’s Beard Campaign.

Stop Press…Breaking News…

Tireless research by Penny Post’s team of highly trained young news hounds has revealed that Santa is in fact Leckhampstead resident Mick Brennan whose beard-growing skills have recently become legendary in the area. It seems that this latest beard has been incubating for nearly 18 months and that he has become very attached to it. As reported above, £2,000 of donations to CLIC Sargent is all it will take to stop this man losing his facial magnificence.

“Your Facial Magnificence,” we enquired, “Peace be upon your house. Pray, divulge if you feel able to your humble servant what it is about this opulent piece of hirsute resplendence that makes you so desirous of the keeping of it for the foreseeable future, God willing?”

The great man paused and stroked his stupendous appendage. “I like it,” he said. “Simple as that. Shave it off it you must – but is £2,000 too much to ask for a man’s happiness and for the happiness of young children?”

There you have it. Another exclusive, delivered to your computer, mobile device or tablet. Santa has spoken.

How you can make this happen:

Visit Santa’s Just Giving page
Text SSBP83 and the amount to 70070
Visit CLIC Sargent’s website
Visit Great Shefford Shop.


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