10 reasons why ‘real’ ballroom dancing is nothing like Strictly…..

There are a lot more than 10 things actually but that’s a book and not a blog!

  1. No-one wears anything slashed to the navel, a tan usually comes from a holiday and sequins are a rarity.
  2. The only faffing about before you start dancing is because you haven’t put your dance shoes on yet.
  3. The music is usually appropriate to the dance…..
  4. Having a good time means being able to do more than one dance.
  5. You’ll be dancing for more than a minute and a half, in fact usually more than an hour and a half.
  6. There’s more than 1 couple on the floor which means that dancing is more like driving – mirror, signal, manoeuvre!
  7. Dance routines are out, lead and follow and thinking on your feet are in.
  8. Dips, drops and dragging across the floor are out – you’d just trip someone else up as they come past.
  9. Lifts are also out – you might take someone’s eye out!
  10. No-one is watching and judging – they’re usually dancing – and if they are watching it’s because they think that you’re good.

And anyone who knows me also knows that I always say more than planned!

11. There is no applause or standing ovation, just the satisfaction of moving to music with a partner in your arms.

by Alison at Cheek2Cheek Dance


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