Winter Top Fruit Pruning Workshop

Winter Top Fruit Pruning Workshop
Saturday February 3rd, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Dani Winslet
01488 647334

Winter Top Fruit Pruning –   – Sat 3 Feb 2018  

10am -12.30pm: Course Registration & Theory in Hungerford Town Hall, High Street Hungerford RG17 0NF

1pm: Lunch   

2-4pm: Practical in the orchard. 

Cost: £85 per day (inc VAT & lunch)

Join Orchard Arborist, Pomologist and owner of the Heritage Fruit Tree Company Andy Howard for a day’s training course to learn the theory and practice of Winter Pruning. (Andy grew up in Hungerford and now lives across the Border in North Oxfordshire but returns on a regular basis  to work in, and design and plant Orchards throughout Berkshire.)

Learn the theory, skills and practice of winter pruning for fruit trees such as apple and pear. Discover the different methods and techniques used to shape fruit trees, control their size and influence their productivity.  Find out when and how to apply these to suit different circumstances and different types of top fruit.  Learn the difference between winter and summer pruning and when and how to prune pip fruit and stone fruit.

You can learn these new skills and put them into practice with hands on tuition whilst working on Hungerford’s beautiful Picket Mead-Heritage orchard, working on unique fruit trees left untouched without any pruning undertaken during the past 60/70 years.

Gain these skills yourself and help to get the confidence to apply them in your own orchard, garden or community orchard. Or, why not help a neighbour get their fruit trees into shape?

The day will cover all you need to know on pruning : From working on these majestic old trees, formative pruning on any newly planted future trees and how to practice a form of renewal and restorative pruning.

If you are thinking of just planting one tree, or an orchard  all the information and hands on practical learnt will be useful when selecting your trees and also knowing how to manage them afterwards throughout their life and into maturity.

This is a winter pruning course but we will also look at how it relates to summer pruning  and how both are important in the management of your fruit trees, cordons, fans and espaliers.


Please contact Dani Winslet on  or  01488 647334  or  07932 322163 to book your place, to find out more about the course,  or make payment.

For both days it’s a first come first serve basis with a limit on how many places available. ( It’s a 2 mins easy walking distance from mainline Hungerford train station into Town Hall venue)

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