Pericles All at Sea

Pericles All at Sea
January 19, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Penny Locke

A free performance followed by a ‘pay-what- you-will’ collection.

A fascinating re-telling of Shakespeare’s Pericles. Marina is a young woman determined to make her way in the world on her own terms, facing the perils of the Mediterranean Sea.  Her father, Pericles, abandoned her having been forced to flee the country; her mother died on board ship giving birth to her.  Will she ever be reunited with her family?

This pair of  talented story-tellers skilfully and convincingly flit between a multitude of characters to conjure a world where conflict and famine are devastating parts of Syria, Lebanon and Turkey; where a fisher woman finds bodies tangled in her nets; a young girl is sold to a brothel; and where the kindness of strangers saves those in danger at sea.

“A lovely bit of storytelling. Who would have thought a 400-year- old story could be so relevant to today.”

“Full of wit and charm but also with the pathos and power so important in conveying the moral undercurrent that runs through the story.”

It’s a bold and simple piece, fast-moving where the flick of a scarf transforms one character to another, where sea shanties are sung and props are ‘tumbled’ around the stage by ‘waves’. 

“The duo create a wonderful sense of atmosphere – we hear sea shanties, we watch props get tumbled around the stage by waves, and we see Pericles pulled in to shore by a fisher-woman in a small but perfectly formed piece of physical theatre.”


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