Newbury’s First Living Advent Calendar

Newbury’s First Living Advent Calendar
Saturday December 1st, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Bridgette Lawrence

Newbury’s First Living Advent Calendar is inspired by an idea that began in Stockholm and will run every day from 1st until 24th December. Like a traditional children’s advent calendar, a newly decorated window or door will be unveiled by a local amenity, business or resident, who will entertain you with a surprise festive treat. The event – which will remain secret until the day and run typically for 15 minutes – can include songs, dance, music, food, sketches, poetry as well as more bespoke entertainment, all with a festive twist. Come along and enjoy the magic Of Christmas with us.

Note that the time varies from day to day!  It starts on 1st December, ends on 24th December.  Here are the daily locations:

  1. West Berkshire Museum
  2. Shaw House
  3. 76 Craven Road
  4. 69 Gloucester Road
  5. 7 West Mills
  6. The Real Macaron Company
  7. Inn at Home
  8. No 96 Fumishings (Pound Street)
  9. Cow & Cask
  10. St Nicolas Church
  11. Hogan Music & Academy
  12. LK Beauty (formerly Secrets Nail & Beauty)
  13. 9 Gloucester Road
  14. Ryan’s Antiques
  15. Empire Cafe
  16. Tow path opposite Monkey Bridge Moorings (past bridge out of town. bring a torch!)
  17. 95 Russell Road
  18. 33 Gloucester Road
  19. Corn Exchange
  20. Berkshire School of English
  21. ACE Space
  22. Pageant Party
  23. 26 Gloucester Road
  24. 42 Russell Road

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