Board Games Night

Board Games Night

Drop the remote and pick up the dice, head over to Hungerford Town Hall on Friday 12 January and join us for Hungerford’s first board games night.

We’re not simply talking about Scrabble or Monopoly, there are thousands of board games that are ludicrously fun, some are quick witted and loud, others require strategy and cunning. Whichever your style, board games are enjoyable for all and are a fantastic way for meeting new people. At the last hour of the night you can all join a hilarious group games. Borrow one of ours board games and we’ll teach you quick how to play them, or bring you own, you could teach others.

Aimed at young adults, U16’s should be accompanied with an adult.’

All proceeds will go towards buying more games and the hall rental.

It’s a great way to meet people. If it goes well, it will continue as a club.

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