How to Use the Penny Post Calendar

To visit the calendar click here

Finding an Event

To filter the calendar to show just the type of event you are interested it, click on Categories and select an event type, or click on Tags to select a specific venue or topic. To return to the complete event listings, click on the X in front of Categories or Tags to clear the filter.

Event Dates

Scroll through the calendar by clicking on the arrows either side of CURRENT MONTH. To select a specific date, click on CURRENT MONTH and a dropdown calendar will appear.

Event details

Click on the + sign at the RH edge of the event summary for full details.

How to Add Your Events to the Penny Post Calendar

Non-commercial Events

To submit an event for our website calendar please email details to . You may also post event details at  and Penny will share your post.

Commercial Events

You need either to be a member of the Penny Post Business Club or to have subscribed to the Commercial Events and Promotions Package. You’ll then get your own log-in to post your events directly onto the calendar. Please contact if you have not received this.

Click here for information about how to post your own event.

Please bear in mind the following points:

•  if you have paid to have your event listed in the weekly Penny Post newsletter you still need to upload it onto the calendar as this does not happen automatically.

•  when creating events on the calendar please do not create new categories. Please select an existing category and create tags to further define your event.

•  your events will not be moderated (ie they will appear immediately on the calendar). Please check that all the information is correct and complete.

•  it is your responsibility to ensure that your event information is not misleading and is not in any way likely to bring Penny Post into disrepute.

•  you may only post details of events which the individual or organisation for which we have created and supplied the log-in is organising or responsible for promoting the event.

•  Penny Post reserves the right to edit or remove any posts or to suspend the log-in if any of these conditions are breached.

You may also post event details at  and Penny will share your post.

* A commercial event is one where any profit is retained by the individual or organisation concerned and may include events where there is no admission charge. For example, a free yoga class as a taster for a course that will thereafter be charged for, a free-to-enter trade show, the opening of a shop and a professional theatrical performance are all commercial events. If the principal objective of the event is to raise money for other causes or if it is to provide information about or support for a voluntary or charitable organisation then it is non-commercial. A village fête, a charity fundraising event, a fun run and an amateur theatrical performance are all non-commercial events. There are obviously some grey areas in this definition so please contact us if in doubt. Penny Post is committed to promoting all suitable events as widely as possible.