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Penny Post Advertising Rates - Advertise With UsPenny Post provides ‘news you can use’ – relevant and reliable information on events, jobs, organisations and activities in the West Berkshire and surrounding areas via this website, a weekly e-newsletter for all subscribers, a monthly e-newsletter for Hungerford, videos and social media.

• The weekly Penny Post e-newsletter is sent by email every Thursday to over 3,700 people (and growing) throughout the Penny Post area.

• The Penny Post Hungerford e-newsletter is sent early each month to about 1,100 people (and growing) in the town.

• In April 2018 the monthly Valley of the Racehorse newsletter was launched which is sent to about 800 people (and growing) in the upper Lambourn Valley.

If you are not receiving and of these and would like to, please let us know.

All these newsletters have an open rate of about 40% (according the Mailchimp the industry standard is about 15%). In addition,many of the emails are opened more than once, forwarded to others or are viewed online. As a result, the weekly newsletters are generally opened between 3,000 and 4,000 times and the two monthly newsletters between 1,000 and 2,000 times.

The Penny Post website received around 15,000 page views a month from around 7,000 separate visitors.

Penny Post also has over 4,000 followers via Facebook and Twitter combined.

Penny Post offers various advertising and marketing packages – see details below. For more details contact

We also offer logo design, copy writing, photography, video production and social media services for local businesses. For more details contact

Please note that any editorial mentions of your business are included in any of the media which Penny Post employs at the editor’s discretion and that, if included, Penny Post reserves the right for whatever reason to edit these or to consult with you or to hold mentions over or not to include them at all as in its reasonable opinion it decides.



12 months: £260 (or £26 a month).


•  Your own Business Directory page (including copy, logo and two photos) in the appropriate category/ies of the local business section on the Penny Post website.
•  Mentions in the Penny Post e-newsletter, driving traffic to your page, if you are able to supply us with:
– local customers’ recommendation for your business.
– special offers.
– awards or accreditations you have received from a recognised body.
– local news about your business.
– a link to your blog about your sphere of expertise in the Penny Post website.
• A free job advert in the newsletter and on the Penny Post website. (Additional job adverts cost £40 each or £100 for a pack of four.)
• Social media following/sharing/retweeting.
• 25% discount on Penny Post Special solus emails (£150 rather than the usual £199).
• 50% discount on your courses, classes or tutoring in our four Guides to Local Courses a year (£75 rather than £150).
• 50% discount on your listing in our Wedding & Anniversary Guide (£100 rather than £200).

“I’m delighted with the initial response since promoting myself through the Business Club with Penny Post. We’ve had three leads already in the first week and a half. Over the moon with this and looking forward to working with you during the coming year.”
Adam Badger, Smart Blinds, Thatcham


If you are likely to have events to promote in the newsletter, for an extra £60 – £320 (or £32 a month by standing order) in total – you can upgrade your Business Club membership to enable you to have a reasonable number of events mentioned in the newsletter at no further charge. (All event listings must also be posted by you on the Penny Post Website Calendar – please contact if you don’t have a log in. Please  to in a pasteable format (ie not a PDF). Please click on the link below for more information.)

Please see What Advertisers Need to Supply for details of what you need to send us.

“Penny and Brian are not only provide brilliant support but also fun people to work with helping us develop our words and brand. Great value for money as well.”
Ollie Hunter, The Wheatsheaf, Chilton Foliat



12 months: £350 (or £35 a month)


This provides the same benefits as the Penny Post Business Club (see above) but you can also promote three properties, each on its own post, at any time during the year. You need to provide all copy and images. Thereafter, additional properties can be promoted for £50 each.

Within reason, and providing these are supplied in an agreed format, you can also promote rental properties. These will be promoted in the newsletter only.

“Penny Post was most useful to us when we launched Brearley & Rich Estate Agents in early 2016. As well as helping to establish the brand in the area, Penny Post was able to promote specific properties, drive traffic to our website and give us a forum for providing advice about buying and selling property. We would recommend businesses to use Penny Post’s website, weekly e-newsletter and active social-media presence to help promote themselves in an effective and imaginative way to the local area.”
Jon Rich, Brearley & Rich, Marlborough



12 months: £150 (or £15 a month)

One-off inclusion in a single Guide to Local Courses, Classes & Workshops: £40.


•  Listing in the Courses, Classes & Workshops  page in

• The inclusion in our four Guides to Local Courses, Classes & Workshops (September, January, Easter and Summer) which are emailed to our whole mailing list. And also inclusion in the Summer Holiday Guide for Children where appropriate.

Between August 2017 and August 2018 the Guides were opened over 20,000 times.

“Within a day or so of the Guide to Local Courses & Classes being e-mailed out I got my first new client…”
Diana Pattenden Ceramics Teacher, Newbury

“I am pleased to tell you I have a family of three starting in September who spotted the classes through your website. Thanks for all your work and help – more than half of my students have come through Penny Post!”
Angela Quiroga Spanish Club, Wickham

“Many thanks to Penny Post – in the week after the Courses & Classes e-mail was sent out I received several phone calls enquiring about my pilates studio”.
Charlie Prince, Wantage

• General social-media support for The Guide


Recruitment adverts will receive at least one mention, and usually more, in the newsletter and will be posted on the website and on Penny Post Facebook and Twitter. The cost is £40. You can also block buy a pack of four recruitment ads for £100. For more details contact

Each advert will stay on the site for about four weeks unless (a) an earlier closing date is specified in the copy or (b) you let us know at any time that the position has been filled. In all other cases, adverts will be set to come down on a Wednesday evening.

If you wish to have one or more recruitment advertisements posted unchanged for 12 months then further discounts are available. Please contact for more information. Each advertisement can only be in respect of one position.

Please see What Advertisers Need to Supply for details of what you need to send us.
Please note that you must supply pasteable copy (ie not a PDF or a JPG).

“Thanks to Penny Post for help with our recruitment advert – we couldn’t believe how quick the response was and it was very affordable too.”
Carla Woodcock, HCA Healthcare

“We recently placed a job advert in Penny Post. It was good value, we received good service and – most importantly – it generated the application of the successful candidate.”
Will Blackwell, Tomorrow’s Guides, Hungerford


Penny Post can shoot and edit videos about your activity, event or business and post the results online. The basic cost is £200 for a video of about one minute. Additional work is based on £40 an hour. For more information, contact


Commercial events in the weekly Penny Post newsletter, web calendar & social media costs £30 per event. Block of four event listings costs £100. For more details contact

Non-commercial events get a free listing on the Penny Post website calendar and 50% discount on inclusion in the weekly newsletter. Please email with the following information: Name of event; date and time; location; cost; contact details (name and email, phone or weblink); and a brief description of the event.

Click here to visit the website calendar.

A commercial event is one where any profit is retained by the individual or organisation concerned and may include events where there is no admission charge. For example, a free yoga class as a taster for a course that will thereafter be charged for, a free-to-enter trade show, the opening of a shop and a professional theatrical performance are all commercial events.

A non-commercial event is one where the principal objective is to raise money for other causes or if it is to provide information about or support for a voluntary or charitable organisation. A village fête, a charity fundraising event, a fun run and an amateur theatrical performance are all non-commercial events. There are obviously some grey areas in this definition so please contact us if in doubt. Penny Post is committed to promoting all suitable events as widely as possible.

You may also post event details at  and we will share your post.

“I really appreciate the help Penny Post give me in publicising my Neighbourhood Watch meetings and including links to my handouts… Penny Post newsletters go out to a large circulation and is an asset to the local community.”
Newbury & Thatcham Neighbourhood Watch

Please see What Advertisers Need to Supply for details of what you need to send us.


Please email to enquire about prices.

8. SOLUS  ‘Penny Post Special’ EMAILS

These are sent out to all of Penny Post‘s email recipients at a time you decide and provide information just about you. They are ideal for launches or re-launches, recruitment campaigns, special offers or where a particular product or service requires more explanation than can be provided in the newsletter. The cost is £199 (£150 for Business Club members). Please contact for further details.

Please see What Advertisers Need to Supply for details of what you need to send us.

“We recently tried the ‘Penny Post Special‘ solus email marketing service with great success. February is historically our quietest month but with the help of Penny a professional targeted campaign was launched in the last week of January 2015: by the 30th I was booked out! I would highly recommend this service to any business wishing to create awareness of their offers and services.”
Jon, Eclipse Cleaning


Please email for more information on how we can help promote you.

“Hello Team Penny Post – thank you very much for support the ‘Save the White Hart Inn’ campaign team – Penny Post makes a difference to rural communities in West Berkshire. Rural communities need a news platform like Penny Post – so many important issues to be aired”.
Anne Budd, Hamstead Marshall


Please email for more information.

“Penny Post works! We had several enquiries for the 45 chairs we needed to find new homes for and they’ve all gone. Thanks for your help.”
Dani Winslett, Hungerford Town Hall

“Thanks for helping me sell our dining table and chairs so quickly. As for the koi carp which we needed to find a new home for at short notice, we had several takers on the phone within twenty minutes of your promoting it  – two hours later, one of them had arrived and collected them.”
Jean, East Garston