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Penny Post is a free community website and newsletter serving West Berkshire, Wantage, Swindon, Marlborough and surrounding areas.


Penny Post is compiled by Penny Locke and Brian Quinn from East Garston near Lambourn and covers the Marlborough/Wantage/Theale area. Whereas traditional media often boosts sales through broadcasting bad or sensational news, Penny Post is committed to sharing positive, local ‘news you can use’ and offers affordable advertising for local businesses.

That’s not to say that we are in denial about bad things but we always suggest what people can do to help make the situation better. We’ve been involved in a number of local campaigns on issues ranging from pub closures to planning appeals, from urgent charity appeals to public meetings and from dubious sewage works to threatened libraries and post offices.

We are reassured by the popularity of Penny Post that this is what people really want. Click here to find out what our lovely readers and clients think of us.

Do spend five minutes exploring the site: we believe there is something for everyone but we always welcome new suggestions.

We offer local newsevents and activities (for adults, teens and kids) in the community, as well as columns from guest writers, local jobs, property, items for sale and a business directory, gardening tips, recipes, reviews, astronomy, wildlife & countryside blogs, community arts, voluntary groups, security tips, local school news and lots more

We also publish a free weekly Penny Post newsletter with the latest news on the website and monthly Penny Post Hungerford and Penny Post Lambourn Valley newsletters.

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Can I use any of the articles or posts on Penny Post in my own publication or website?

You are welcome to provide a link to any post on our site but Penny Post cannot guarantee that the post will not be disabled or the url changed so it would be wiser to check with us first. You may also quote extracts of a reasonable length providing you credit Penny Post as the source for this. You may not reproduce in whole or in part anything published on this website without the prior written permission of Penny Post.