Semi Permanent Makeup Service at Natura Spa

Semi permanent makeup (also known as micropigmentation), is a cosmetic technique similar to tattooing.

Semi permanent pigments are penetrated into the dermal layer of the skin to create the look of makeup, simulating the effects you would get from an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner or lipstick. This is done in two stages, the first procedure and then a top-up procedure 4-6 weeks later.

The results of semi permanent makeup can last up to several years, but this depends on the skin type, tone and maintenance of the client.Top ups and colour boosts are recommended each year to keep the makeup looking fresh, this is done at a lower cost of the first procedure.

Our semi permanent makeup artist Jade Ashby is fully qualified and insured. Using a machine and specialised needles Jade can create a natural, defining, enhancing technique of make up to suit your requirements.

The Benefits of Semi Permanent Make-Up

This procedure is suitable for all ages, skin tones & hair colour and is particularly beneficial in the following cases:

– if you want to save time always looking your best
– if you are prone to smudging or running make up.
– to those that struggle to apply makeup due to eyesight or tremors
– if you are unable to wear makeup due to allergies as  pigments used are hypoallergenic
– if you want to have perfectly applied make up from the moment you wake up.
– to fill in gaps from lack of hair or shape of the brows, especially if you have spars & missing hair in the brows
– to define eyes and frame your face.
– if you want your lips recontoured, defined or would like to add colour to your lips
– if you want a more youthful appearance.


Price List


Border Enhancement  £250
Border & Blush £300
Full Lip £350
Ombre Lip £380
Colour Boost (within 18 months) £150





Top or Bottom £200
Top & Bottom £250
Touch Up (within 12 months) £100






Hair Stroke £300
Combination £350
Colour Boost (within 18 months) £150


Before Your Treatment

You will be required to attend a FREE consultation with the SPMU artist Jade, this will take around 15mins. At the consultation you will have a patch test. This needs to be 24hrs before your booked treatment.

A £50 deposit will be taken to secure your booking, and the remaining balance will be paid on the day of your treatment. We do have a cancellation policy which will be explained on booking!

You will need to fill out a consultation form with your health history and medication. Please avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen and consuming alcohol before the day of your treatment.

How to Book

Please contact:

Jade Ashby
Semi Permanent Makeup Artist
Natura Spa at Audley Inglewood
01488 682298
07500 877 088

Natura Spa at Inglewood

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