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Hungerford & District U3A Newsletter December 2018

Latest news for Hungerford U3A Members.

To enquire about becoming a member please contact the website or see membership form here. Membership costs only £16 per year.

Christmas Coffee Morning 10:30 am – 12 noon Thursday 13 December, Magistrates Room in the Town Hall,

Join us for mince pies, as well as the usual free refreshments, for our December meeting.  The committee is digging out jigsaws for a “jigsaw exchange” to add to your family entertainment over the Christmas period.  Please bring your own as well and have some festive fun.

Member Meetings from January 2019

We are planning to hold more speaker meetings next year.  We will alternate speaker and coffee mornings which will be on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


These are specific items which are open to all members. Some, of course, such as theatre trips are limited by the number of tickets we can purchase and the matching transport. If they become more popular we will take the risk of purchasing more tickets and increase the size of the associated coach.


One member, Carol Shanahan, was inspired by the speaker on 14th June and the following are her words.

Following a recent talk at a U3A coffee morning by Sarah Albeboure, the Chief Executive, of a local charity ATE (Action Through Enterprise) based in Ramsbury, I am off to volunteer in Ghana!!

I met with Sarah a few weeks after the coffee morning as I said I would like to be a volunteer after her inspiring talk about the charity she set up 6 years ago working in rural Ghana.

I thought my volunteering would consist of minor office duties a couple a times a month which I was very happy to offer.  However, it was suggested that I actually volunteer in Ghana.

WOW – what an exciting opportunity!!

Since that initial meeting with Sarah I am providing some basic support in their office a couple of times a month. I have also manned their stall at Hungerford Food Festival and Aldbourne Sunday Market.

BUT the real news is that my flight is booked, and I am travelling to Lawra, Upper West Ghana on 10 January to volunteer for ATE.  I will be helping to provide a library at a large primary school, supporting business training workshops and carrying out monitoring and evaluation activities with children at ATE supported schools.

I am busy now preparing for the trip – inoculations, applying for a visa and briefings with ATE.”

ATE are always requiring some help and their information (with contact details) can be found on their website

We will keep you up to date with her trip as we can.

News from the Groups

We are delighted to have a report from the Geology group of some of their activities this year and would love to know how other groups are getting on.  Photos and a brief note would be wonderful!

Geology Group

As well as learning theory about geology this gets enhanced by field trips. Last May 10 members, together with Chris Carlon as leader, made a geological traverse across the Cotswolds where they spent the day examining aspects of the geology of the Forest of Dean. This included an underground visit in Clearwell Caverns, in which they were led around by the owner, Mr Jonathon Wright and discussed the geology and history of iron mining at the site.

A visit was then made to the New Fancy Colliery site to discuss the regional geology, before traversing the Soudley Valley to look at the rocks exposed in a series of cuttings and quarries.

A photo of some of the Geology Group, those who attended the field trip, underground while visiting the Clearwell Caverns historic iron ore mines in the Forest of Dean on Thursday 17th May.


If you would like a short walk with a friendly group of U3A members then please contact Colin Honeybone. Equally ideas for new walks would be most welcome.

Barn Dance

As the December dance would be on Christmas Eve there will be no barn dance for December. This monthly event will restart in January on the 4th Monday as usual. Open to all at the Inkpen Village hall. Anyone interested in taking part without their own transport please contact a member of the committee and we should be able to arrange a car share.


A visit to Bath Theatre on a Saturday proved very disappointing with several lessons learnt. The choice of Saturday inevitably meant more traffic, especially in the town centre and we will be avoiding that in future. In addition, poor road conditions on the day led to hold-ups making us late arriving. This happened even though we had left some significant time to spare. Clearly, the further we travel the more leeway we need to give the coach. Unfortunately, if the journey then is very fast, members will have time on their hands before the start of the performance. One possible solution is to plan for a lunch on arrival before the performance. This would provide a buffer in case of delays, but we would appreciate feedback on whether we should be planning for this.

The most recent visit to Tina, the Musical at the Aldwych Theatre London was far more successful. Whilst more expensive the show was thoroughly enjoyed by members and the work put in by members to plan and organise this trip was fully appreciated.

The forthcoming theatre trips include:

The Mirror Crack’d – 7th March, Salisbury Playhouse

Times are changing. Girls are wearing trousers and Hollywood has come to a sleepy English village in the shape of a beautiful film star. Miss Marple begins to question her place in the world until a mysterious death calls into question the past of all those present.  Everyone’s version of events is different.  Can Miss Marple unravel the tangle of lies?

This thrilling new play, based on Agatha Christie’s novel, explores how we all colour our own memories, our own truths, to disguise the darkness that lies within.In this rich, psychological drama, everyone has a secret…

Please note that all tickets are currently sold. If you wish to be placed on the reserve list, please contact Margaret Barter.

The Remains of the Day – 18th April, Oxford Playhouse

A deeply atmospheric drama about time and memory, loneliness and longing, The Remains of the Day depicts the morally-compromised truth behind a world of manicured gardens, formal dinners and grand houses. As the fires rage through England during and after the Second World War, we get an intimate glimpse into one man’s half-lived life, realised too late.

More details will be available shortly to members.

New Groups

We are always open to suggestions for new groups. We will advertise them in this newsletter and here is the first one.


A couple of members are proposing a cycling group. Not too strenuous and well away from the main roads. Anyone interested please let me know.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from your committee.

Jeff Riggs



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