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Zoe Fixit Handywoman Services

I am offering my services to anyone that would like a hand in their garden or home with DIY or de-cluttering.

Over the years I have accumulated a wide range of skills.  I have built my own kitchen from scratch, plumbed in my central heating system and installed solar panels.  I am good at painting and decorating, gardening and numerous DIY jobs.

The kind of jobs I am doing at the moment include:

patio laying
fixing five bar gate
shed clearance & repair
leaf sweeping
building raised beds
fixing kitchen door, kitchen unit drawer and towel rail
sanding and wood staining
putting up shelves up
stripping tiles off kitchen


I charge £10 per hour when working alongside the client and £15 per hour working solo – plus any additional expenses.

Customer Testimonials

Zoe has done lots of odd jobs for me.  If I have something that needs doing I always ask her first because I know she gets on with the job and isn’t expensive. She has recently mended one of my kitchen units, a towel rail and replaced some rusty hinges. Penny Reid

I have used Zoe for a variety of jobs I needed doing from replacing the leaking roof of my garden shed to helping me clear out and sort a very full garage and loft in preparation for moving. Not only is Zoe very skilled at what she does, she also has very good ideas and suggestions. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs work doing both inside and outside the house. Gill Dronfield

Zoe came over to help sweep leaves and clear out our shed – and she ended up fixing our five bar gate as well. She is very practical and has a solution to most problems. She helped me de-clutter by suggesting good homes for things I really didn’t need any more. Highly recommended to help you tackle any indoor or outdoor DIY jobs that you can’t do on your own. Penny Locke

How to Contact Zoe Fixit

Zoe Wilson


07810 302719

  1. Rosi Richardson

    Dear Zoe,
    It was good to see your details on Penny Post today and would appreciate
    meeting up to see if you could help me with various things both in my small
    garden and my house. I live in Charnham Street Hungerford, opposite the
    Bear Hotel and since my husband died a couple of years ago I just find I’m not
    keeping up to speed with all that needs to be done.
    Would be grateful if you could get in touch.
    Rosi Richardson
    Tel: 01488 681122

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