Hungerford Nursery School has one question to ask you…

In just over a year’s time in 2020, the Government intends to cut the money they give to Maintained Nursery Schools.  This will be around 31% of our budget – which will have a devastating effect.  We are a Maintained Nursery School – so, unlike other early-years settings, we are treated like all other state schools, primary and secondary.

Independent research has shown that maintained nursery schools provide the highest quality early years education, meeting higher standards and employing the most qualified staff.  They provide a different service to other early years providers:

  • Maintained Nursery Schools are held to higher standards than other early-years providers. For example, at Hungerford Nursery School we must comply with school statutory requirements such as employing DfE Qualified Teachers, a Headteacher and a SENCO.
  • Maintained Nursery Schools transform lives, especially of the most vulnerable in our community of Hungerford
  • Maintained Nursery Schools contribute towards the Governments Social Justice objectives. For example, this year at Hungerford 51% of Early Years Pupil Premium children were below age appropriate expectations on entry but on exit 100% had caught up and were in line or exceeding age appropriate expectations.
  • The whole sector benefits from the expertise of Maintained Nursery Schools. Hungerford Nursery School acts as a catalyst to raise standards in the locality through its Early Years Teaching Centre.
  • Maintained Nursery Schools have a unique pool of expertise to support children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities. For example, at Hungerford we provide resources and expertise to enable parents and children to access their entitlement.

We ask you, please, urgently to write just how much difference Hungerford Nursery School has made to your child/grandchild/niece/nephew, to you and to your family, and why they should not cut our funding.  You can either go on to the survey monkey or answer the question below and return it to Hungerford Nursery School, 22 The Croft, Hungerford RG17 0HY, by Saturday 6 October 2018.

You can also support us by writing to your MPs (Hungerford residents: Richard Benyon MP, Park Street Newbury RG14 1EA) and to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP. The Chancellor of the Exchequer. HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ) to make clear to the government what different Hungerford Nursery has made to your family.

The simple question is…

How has Hungerford Nursery School helped your child and family?






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