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Phones, Chimes and Heat in Hungerford

You may be unaware that hidden away in the Town Hall clock tower, behind each clock face is a mobile phone mast.  During the summer it gets surprisingly hot inside the tower and Vodafone are working to reconfigure their equipment in there to reduce the overheating and improve its performance.

To do the work required, they will need to turn off the chimes for the period of the works from Monday 20th to Friday 24th August, as they are quite literally deafening if you are stood in the tower when they go off!

While the work is being done on the clock tower, The Town and Manor will also take the opportunity to have the clock set to the right time (it’s running slightly late at the moment).

About Hungerford Town Hall and The Town and Manor of Hungerford

Hungerford Town Hall is the only privately owned Town Hall in the country. The first town hall on this site was built in 1267 and bequeathed to the Town and Manor by John O’Gaunt a hundred years later.  Over the centuries, the Town Hall has been rebuilt four times, with the current Town Hall being built in 1871.

The Town and Manor is now run as a charity by Trustees and CEO Jed Ramsay. They also own and maintain the John O’Gaunt Pub and over 400 acres of land around Hungerford including the Common and Freemans Marsh.

If you have any enquiries about booking Hungerford Town Hall please contact Events Manager Dani Winslet at events@townandmanor.co.uk

If you have any enquiries about the Town and Manor, please contact Jed Ramsay at jed@townandmanor.co.uk

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