Regent Second-Hand Bookshop

Quite possibly the largest second-hand bookshop south of Hay-on-Wye, Regent Second-Hand Bookshop in Wantage boasts a treasure trove of 100,000 titles ranging from military history to romantic fiction.

Lovely people read books! Everyday we learn something new from our interesting customers. Book dealers from around the world visit us because our collection is so big and our prices are very reasonable, ranging from 25p to £25.

Customers are also welcome to use our generous car park (the entrance to the car park is on Wallingford Street opposite Waitrose).

Our wide selection includes thousands of out of print titles and covers a range of categories including:

• Architecture and archeology
• Art and music
• Biographies & Autobiographies
• Children´s literature
• Classic and general fiction
• Cookery
• Folio Society books (1,000 in stock!)
• Film & Drama
• Gardening
• History, Heraldry & Warfare
• Maps
• Natural History
• Penguins
• Philosophy & Psychology
• Poetry & Plays
• Sports
• Transport & Travel
• … and more!

Book donations accepted.

We pride ourselves on good old fashioned customer service and highly competitive prices. We also invite customers to browse our sister shop next door, Regent Furniture, Rugs and Gifts.

Customer Reviews

“I have spent far too many hours and possibly far too much money in the Regent, over the many years I have been a regular customer there. It is a good old-fashioned bookshop, crammed to the ceiling with all sorts of second-hand books, with something to satisfy every taste. I rarely leave it empty-handed.

“The proprietors are welcoming and friendly, which is becoming a rarity these days, when so many retail transactions are passed in silence.” Michael Moorey


How to Contact Regent Second-Hand Bookshop

Opening Hours: Monday–Friday 9am–5.30pm, Saturday 9am–5pm

We are located at the Waitrose end of Wantage Marketplace, next to Shush.

Regent Second-Hand Bookshop (next to Regent Furniture, Rugs and Gifts)
Newbury Street
OX12 8 BU

01235 766625
facebook page/regentsbooks


  1. This bookshop is amazing. I often find myself popping to the shops only to reappear an hour later because I got side tracked here!! Nothing beats a real book and whatever the topic your interested in they will have it. Perfect place for info to help with school projects or research material or just to grab your summer pool reading material. Highly recommend but be warned once your inside it’s hard to leave.

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