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Closure of Barclays Bank in Hungerford – Important Information

As has been widely reported and as anyone trying to use the branch or its ATM will now be aware, the Barclays Bank in Hungerford closed on 7 September 2018. Much of  this post has therefore been overtaken by events but it’s retained as it does include information about what other local banking options are available for Barclays customers.

Representatives from Hungerford Town Councilheld a meeting with the bank in June to establish what steps it has taken to minimise the disruption for local residents. These are summarised below.

Please note that Hungerford Town Council is not responsible for the closure of the bank nor for any subsequent arrangements which the bank’s customers need to make. If you have any questions not covered in this post, please visit the Hungerford branch (on or before 7 September) or contact the bank online or on the phone. If your enquiry produces information that you feel would be of use to others, please email and we can update this post.

Help for private customers

Barclays is personally contacting customers whom it knows are dependent on the Barclays Hungerford Branch and will be having one-to-one meetings with them. Voice recognition will be used to help with telephone banking to negate the need to remember passwords.

Open sessions will take place from July in the Three Swans on the following dates:

Tuesday 3 July 9.30-11am
Tuesday 10 July 9.30-11am
Tuesday 17 July 9.30-11am
Tuesday 24 July 9.30-11am
Tuesday 31 July 9.30-11am
Tuesday 4 September 9.30-11am
Tuesday 11 September 9.30-11am

These will be one-to-one ‘tea and teach’ sessions focusing in particular on on-line and mobile banking and need to be pre-booked by visiting the Hungerford Branch. The demand will determine the amount of meetings they hold. In addition advisors are available at nearby branches such as Newbury and Marlborough for face-to -face meetings by appointment.

Transactions at the Post Office

We are advised the Post Office in Hungerford will be able to deal with all the banking services. The Post Office will stock Barclays paying in slips and envelopes. Card transactions will process as they would in a branch but by envelope will take an extra two days. An additional facility will be set up for dealing with cashing cheques where two signatories are required.

Customers will be made aware of the peak times of use of the Post Office so they can choose to bank when it is quieter. The Post Office is open more often than Barclays was and banking will be available seven days a week.

Help for business customers

There are two business managers who cover Hungerford area. G4S can collect cash for free for businesses with amounts over £5,000. Barclays will be meeting with the larger business in town and will have sessions in the Three Swans for businesses as well. Face-to-face meetings can be arranged with the business manager on request.

The building

Barclays leases the building so could not advise on its future use. The branch ATM will go but there are other machines in the town which accept Barclays’ cards.

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