Thatcham Festival Student Photography Competition

Thatcham Photographic Club, in collaboration with Thatcham Town Council and Scion Communications Ltd has launched their 2018 Photographic Competition for all students living in or studying within 10 miles of Thatcham.

The competition will form part of this year’s Thatcham Festival which incorporates a high number of free and open events and activities in Thatcham and which will run from 6th to 19th October.

There are 3 age groups with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each group.

The theme of the competition is

The World Around Us

What does The World Around Us mean to you?

Can you reflect your thoughts in a photograph?

Students may submit up to 3 photos which must be their own work, unaided by others.

Images can be sent by e-mail to

The competition is now open for submissions and these can be made at any time until 21st September.

All students up to 17 years old are encouraged to enter for a chance to win a prize of up to £50 in vouchers of their choice.

Paul Roberts, Chairman of the Photographic Club says “This is our fourth year of running this student competition and we had a record number of entries last year and the quality of the students’ work is excellent and seems to improve every year.

Thatcham Photographic Club encourages young people to take an interest in photography and frequently works with young peoples’ groups with activities and workshops to foster and develop photographic awareness.

For further information please contact Paul Roberts on 01635 866841 or for information about Thatcham Festival, Jennie Currie at Thatcham Town Council on 01635 863592

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