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News from Hungerford Chamber of Commerce

Latest news from Hungerford Chamber of Commerce:

Smarten Up Hungerford Campaign

Many areas of the town have become overgrown with weeds and/or are dirty and untidy. These (or some of them) may have been maintained by West Berkshire Council in the past but financial cutbacks have resulted in neglect and deterioration.

The Chamber of Commerce is proposing a scheme to introduce more flower displays, weeding below hedges need weeding and improving the conditions of footpaths and pavements.

We as business owners know how important it is to project a good image and to have a welcoming feel upon entering Hungerford so Chamber will provide volunteer time, and seek funding and applying for any necessary permissions.

The Chamber is also investigating the possibility of erecting a Welcome to Hungerford sign on the roundabout next to the Co-op Garage and organising a monthly community litter pick.

If you are a local business or resident who would like to support these initiatives in any way please contact John Willmott at


Hungerford Chamber of Commerce AGM

Hungerford Chamber of Commerce’s AGM was held recently at Hungerford British Legion on Tuesday 24 April.

The following Chamber Officers were elected:

Chairman – David Small
Treasurer – Derek Loft
Secretary – Frances Small
Membership Secretary – Jane Goldstein
Nigel Perrin (social media and e-marketing),
Penny Locke (website)
Martin Crane (liaison with Hungerford’s larger employers)
John Willmott

Membership renewals and subscription for 2018/19

It was agreed that the standard ‘sub’ should remain £50 p.a. with a discount to £25 for new and returning lapsed members. Chamber currently has 58 members and is growing.

Future events and initiatives

Hungerford Extravaganza: More volunteers are needed to attend Extravaganza committee meetings and help with preparations and collecting donations. There are only 4 meetings per year and only an extra 2 or 3 volunteers would make all the difference. Frances Small and Lis Allen said they would help and more would be welcome. The theme of this year’s event will be reviewed. More community involvement and support is welcomed in planning the event.

Trade Showcase – Martin Crane is arranging another ‘Trade Showcase’, to be held on 18th October at the Corn Exchange, further details to be circulated nearer the time. Any members interested in taking part are invited to contact Martin.

Town Team Hungerford will be creating a new leaflet for Hungerford as the last ones were very popular and successful. This will be supported by the Chamber of Commerce.

Neighbourhood Plan – Martin Crane addressed the meeting about this Town Council initiative, working in conjunction with West Berkshire District Council over a period of 2/3 years. A steering group has been formed to discuss what kinds of development would be beneficial for the town and anyone interested should contact Martin for further information.

Great West Way – Martin also mentioned that there will be a meeting to discuss the ‘Great West Way’ tourist initiative, to be held on Friday 27th April at 10.30am in the Magistrates’ Room in the Corn Exchange building – all would be welcome to attend.

Boat trip – there will be a social event on the 6th September, a canal barge outing on the ‘Rose of Hungerford’. All those whom would like to attend are asked to contact David Small or any other Committee member. Further details will be provided after the next Committee meeting and at future meetings of the Chamber.

Networking – The ‘5.30 Club’ meets for friendly, informal business networking at the Three Swans Hotel 5.30 – 7pm on the second Tuesday in each month. The next session will be on Tuesday 12 June. All welcome, not limited to Chamber members.

Dates of next meeting – full Chamber members’ meeting Tuesday 5 June at Eliane’s, Hungerford High Street. Lis Allen will be the guest speaker.

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