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June – already!

Half way through the year and the panic starts to set in when I can see so much bare earth on our plots – although it would be worse if it was still covered in weeds! We have seedlings in the greenhouse which can join the sweet peas, mangetout and chard which are already planted out. We give seedlings at least a week to acclimatize to life outside the greenhouse.

If you want to stock up with seedlings for your own garden do pop along to the HAHA Plant Sale on Sat 9 June at Hungerford Town Hall to pick up flower and vegetable plants grown by Hungerford plotholders at a bargain. And you are very welcome to visit our Allotment Open Day 2 – 5pm Sunday 8 July.

Sweat Peas

Our sweet peas are unlikely to be of the same quality as fellow plotholder, Ivan’s. Everyone is amazed at how advanced his plants are – he gave me the beautiful bunch above just the other day!

He has a magic touch. He sowed the seeds in his greenhouse, in drainpipe. Once most risk of frost was over he gently tapped the drainpipe to release the seedlings and planted them on his plot in very neat rows. Then he ties them, very neatly, onto the cane supports and snips off the top tendrils so that the energy goes into the plant. He seems to need to re-tie his plants to the supports every other day and now he has spectacular rows of flowers!
Obviously we’re all copying him 🙂


In need of Epsom Salts

Another handy hint that needs sharing is with regard to yellowing leaves – we have them on our garlic and shallots in particular, but tomato and other plants can also suffer from magnesium deficiency. The easiest way to resolve this is by giving the plants a drenching of epsom salts which enables them to absorb the nutrients from the soil/fertiliser. Mix the salts in water or sprinkle around the base of your plants – it’s suggested that this may also deter slugs, but it probably won’t as no slug remedies work!

Watering Tip

And a final tip for June… for ease of watering put a flower pot or upturned plastic bottle into the ground next to your newly planted strawberries, courgettes, pumpkins, etc. and as the plant bushes out you will know where to aim to provide the plant with water where it really wants it. Voila!

Where to water an overgrown summer squash


Belinda Robinson

Hungerford Allotment Holders Association



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