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Hungerford 2036 – Shaping our future: Important Survey Information

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Please find below verbatim updates from the Hungerford 2036 Project Team, which is leading the development of Hungerford’s Neighbourhood Development Plan. Each update has been added to the previous one with the most recent at the top.

The map to the right shows the parish of Hungerford which is also the area covered by the Hungerford 2036 NDP. Click on the map to enlarge it (this will open in a new tab).

More information on NDPs generally – including some of the background to Hungerfgord’s decision to proceed with one – can be found by clicking here. This also includes a number of links to other articles on the subject.

If you have any questions about the NDP, please visit the Hungerford 2036 website.

Hungerford 2036 Survey – July 2018 update

We have received a good response to our first questionnaire to gather your views for the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

But there are still two weeks to go so if you have not sent in a questionnaire, complete it on-line at www.Hungerford2036.info or collect an extra copy from the Hungerford Library.

This is our first consultation exercise and we will be giving you feedback and holding a series of workshops throughout the autumn

The whole point of a Neighbourhood Plan is that it is community-led and that means researched, written and voted on by the people who live in the neighbourhood – that’s you and your neighbours.

Note that, for this survey, we are also seeking the views of people who visit and work in Hungerford.

It will, at the end of the process, have significant influence on the way Hungerford changes once the plan has been sanctioned by a town referendum.

Don’t leave it to someone else – make sure your view is heard

Hungerford 2036 Survey – June 2018

Hungerford will change – but what needs to change and what would you like to retain? From 22 June we are starting the first public consultation to help to put us on the right track. You can find the survey at www.Hungerford2036.info.

It will take the Hungerford 2036 Project Team about three years to develop the Neighbourhood Plan and go through all the stages. The whole point of a Neighbourhood Plan is that it is community-led and that means researched, written and voted on by the people who live in the neighbourhood – that’s you and your neighbours!

At the end of the process, once the plan has been approved by a town referendum, it will have significant influence on the way Hungerford changes.

Please complete the survey now – it should only take you 10-15 minutes. You may find it easier to complete it online. If you know someone who would prefer to fill in a paper questionnaire there is one in the latest Adviser issue which can then be dropped in to one of the collection point boxes which are at the Library, Tesco, the Surgery, The Tally Ho in Newtown, the Leisure Centre, John O’Gaunt School and the Football Club.

We appreciate the time you spend completing the questionnaire and your participation in this important process.

June 2018

Website live and survey coming soon!

The Hungerford 2036 project team is eager to establish good communications with everyone who lives in our town and anyone who works, studies or just visits here. To get this started the project team has launched a dedicated website at www.Hungerford2036.info where you will already find information about what is and will be happening as the work progresses. There are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)  plus the option to pose questions of your own. All important project documents and information sources will be on the site and be accessible by all. If you wish you can request to be kept informed of news about the project.

The project team is also very keen to hear everyone’s views about the town and surrounding area as it is now and into the future. What do YOU like and value about where we live? What gives YOU cause for concern and might be improved? Later in June we will be starting an initial opinion survey in which the project team would like everyone to take part. It will be available as an on-line survey which we hope most people will find quick and easy to complete and also in a paper form which will be distributed and collected throughout the town. As we really want to hear as many people’s views as possible, the survey will be kept running for at least six weeks. We hope that in this period everyone will have the opportunity to make their opinion count.

Keep a look out here for news about when the survey will be available.

May 2018

Today, Hungerford is launching an exciting project – Hungerford 2036 – to guide the way our town and its surrounding area will evolve.

The Hungerford 2036 Project Team  aims to identify how Hungerford wishes to develop over the next 20 years and document this vision in a Neighbourhood Development Plan which will:

• Conserve and enhance the town and countryside;
• Identify and address challenges facing our area now and in the future;
• Ensure our town and its surrounding area is a thriving, attractive and welcoming place to live, work and visit.

Hungerford 2036 will demand a lot of work from us all and will keep the Project Team busy for at least the next two years. Everyone will be kept informed throughout this time and will be encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions at various stages. Engagement and help from residents living or working in all parts of the town and its surroundings is vital to the success of the project. Contributions will be welcomed from the entire community, from all backgrounds and age groups.

Once the Plan is ready a local referendum will be held and more than half of those who vote must choose “yes” for the Plan to be finalised. If all goes well, the Plan would then become part of the planning framework for our area. This means it must be used by the local Planning Authority (West Berks) when making decisions.

The Plan will also provide a clear summary of the community’s aspirations and priorities to guide the Town Council and other organisations’ decisions.

More information can be found for now on the Town Council’s website although a dedicated Hungerford 2036 website will be set up shortly. If you would like follow and be kept informed about progress on the project please email claire.barnes@hungerford-TC.gov.uk .

The Project Team is very much looking forward to working on this project and your suggestions, comments and questions will always be welcome – as well as your offers of help!

John Downe,
Chair of Hungerford 2036 Project Team

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