May Pizza Quiz

We all love pizza but how much do you really know about this super tasty and fast food?!

This quiz has now closed: the answers are below

The winner is Dan Haggarty who has won two free pizzas a month for the rest of the year from Phoenix Wood Fired Pizza!

Dan says “Thank you so much to Polly and James! We don’t know what you put in your pizzas to make them so delicious, but we really enjoyed them and we are looking forward to our next ones already. Thank you also to Penny for your fantastic efforts producing Penny Post and the enjoyable monthly competitions.”

The two very close runners up were: Amy Newton and James Bird.

Quiz Questions

1. According to the lyric, what “hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie”?

A moon

2. Which famous cricketer was still a pizza delivery boy whilst playing for his country?

Shane Warne

3. What do Pizza Napoletana, Yoga and Turkish coffee have in common?

They are all on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

4. Who threw a pizza on his garage roof in a fit of anger (a defining moment in a thrilling TV box set)?

Walter White of Breaking Bad

5. They live in the sewers of New York City and are named after Italian artists of the Renaissance…and they LOVE pizza! Who are they?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

6. Which duo make up the staff of Phoenix Wood Fired Pizza of Hungerford?

Polly and James

7. Sandra Bullock once demonstrated the ‘magic of computers’ by ordering a pizza without picking up the phone….in which film?

The Net

8. It had a surface area of over 1,261 square metres. What was it called?

Ottavia – the world’s largest pizza

9. What do Gerry Durnell, Clare Benfield and Jeremy White have in common?

They all edit or have edited (specifically) pizza magazines

10. On the 14th July 2018 Phoenix Wood Fired Pizza will be cooking where? Name one headline act at this festival.

Garstonbury and the bands can be found here:

TIE BREAKER: What is your favourite pizza topping and why?

How to Enter

All you need to do is email your answers to the above questions to by midnight on Wednesday 30 May.

Good luck!

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