Lambourn Universal Stores
Lambourn Universal Stores

Lambourn is lucky to have one of the best hardware shops in the area – possibly in the country! Lambourn Universal Stores stocks most of the things you need in life, from paint to pet food, gifts to garden supplies.

Next time you need something, however obscure, do give Universal Stores a ring on 01488 72353- they might surprise you.

If they haven’t got it in stock, they’ll get it in by Wednesday!


And their prices are very competitive despite being a small local shop and they have seasonal discounts on big brand names.


What you can find at Lambourn Universal Stores

Seasonal Gift Items ○ Candles ○ Local Books ○ Toys ○ Stationery ○ Gift Wrap
Household goods ○ Cleaning products ○ Kitchen utensils ○ Sewing supplies ○ Wool
Decorating supplies ○ Dulux Paint ○ Other paints
Fuels ○ Gas ○ Coal ○ Kindling ○ Logs
Garden Supplies ○ Plants ○ Seeds ○ Compost
DIY ○ Tools ○ Ironmongery
Services ○ Key cutting
Electrical appliances ○ Spares ○ Bulbs ○ Batteries ○ Vacuum Cleaners ○ Hoover bags ○ Electrical heating
Pet supplies

Lambourn Universal Stores Lambourn Universal Stores Lambourn Universal Stores
Opening hours:

Mon – Sat: 8am – 6pm
Sun: 10am – 4pm

Universal Stores is on Lambourn High Street. Lambourn is famous for its race horses, and beautiful downland countryside – but it can also offer most small town facilities, including: the lovely Honesty Coffee Shop, library, butcher’s, hairdresser’s, saddler’s, supermarkets, Friday market, pharmacy, fish & chip shop, curry restaurant, and Chinese takeaway.

For more information please contact Manjit and his team at:

Lambourn Universal Stores
15 High Street,
RG17 8XL
Tel: 01488 72353


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