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Lambourn Pharmacy

Community pharmacy is evolving and taking on more public health and clinical roles.  As well as dispensing prescriptions, a pharmacy is a source of advice for medication and for maintaining wellness as well as managing illness.

Lambourn Pharmacy offers many services to support patients and compliment general practitioner services:

Medicines use Review (MUR) is an opportunity to talk through medication with either Harv or myself so as to ensure you are getting the best from it and to minimise any side effects.

New Medicines Service (NMS) is available when patients are placed on new medication. This allows for an explanation as to what the medication is for and monitoring over a month so ensure the patient gets the best from the medication

Smoking cessation: we offer a comprehensive support service to help patients give up smoking

Flu vaccination: during the last flu season community pharmacies administered over a million flu vaccinations so helping take the pressure off GP services. We will be offering the service again next season.

Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP): Lambourn Pharmacy is working towards accreditation as an HLP. We have staff qualified as “health champions” who are able to promote a heallthy lifestyle and health campaigns. We will be taking part in health campaigns to recognise the signs of s stroke, managing diabetes, sun protection and weight management.

The pharmacy team is constantly developing‎ to be able to advise patients and to know when to signpost patients to other services.

Please click here for more information on Lambourn Pharmacy including opening hours, contact details, facilities and services and well as up-to-date news of particular health campaigns and initiatives.


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