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Gardening with Hilly

Our neighbour Hilly has lived in East Garston for 60 years and I have known her all my life. I have always aspired to her self-sufficient lifestyle, growing her own vegetables, keeping chickens, goats and ponies, making yoghurt and kimchi, lovely pottery (see video below) and wood carving as well as teaching yoga.

I hope the BBC will forgive my naming this blog after their iconic 1970s sitcom The Good Life about Tom and Barbara’s less successful attempts at self-sufficiency in Surbiton (click here to watch some episodes on YouTube).

Parsnip Seed Planting

Parsnip seeds take a long time to germinate so there is a risk they will get lost in a busy garden. In this video, Hilly demonstrates a technique of inter-planting with a much faster growing crop like radishes to solve this problem.


Early Potato Planting

In this video Hilly explains how potatoes are susceptible to blight and what you can do about it and the best way to plant them.


When Hilly isn’t in the garden she is usually busy making her iconic stoneware pottery.


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