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Zen Dog Whisperer Ken Stronach

Ken Stronach can help you create a wonderful bond with your dog and resolve any behavioural problems they have. By getting a better understanding of your dog’s needs, Ken works with you to resolve unbalanced and aggressive behaviour. He will show you and your family how to form a strong connection with your dog and enjoy a magical life experience together.

Ken’s technique is natural and fast working and works in many cases where conventional dog trainers have failed. Ken only works with people that are committed to the rehabilitation of their dogs, and are prepared to put the required work in to keep their dogs happy and balanced (see video testimonial below).

Zen Dog Whispering Packages

Ken offers various options according to the severity of the dog’s behavioural problem. Please contact him to discuss which is appropriate for you. He will visit you anywhere in the country and charge a minimal travel fee according to distance. Ken has a 100% success rate with and guarantees to change the behaviour of your dog or he will refund your fee. Ken is busy so please book ahead with him on 07866 620933 or

1. Re-Balance Day
A home visit that will resolve most behavioural problems.

Ken discusses with the owner the issues regarding the dog’s behaviour and assesses the way forward. While talking to the owner, Ken will be working on an energy level with the dog to naturally rebalance their mindset. He builds a connective relationship with the dog based on mutual respect and trust, allowing him to positively influence the dog’s outlook on its environment and its position within the family/pack.

Ken will then take the dog for a walk to reinforce his relationship and bond with the dog. Returning the dog home, he will run through exercises with the owner enabling them to maintain and continue improving the dog’s behaviour, building a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with their dog.
Cost: £249 (plus travel expenses when required)

2. Two and a Half Day Rebalance Course
This is for people who need a little more help, or for dogs that have very habitual issues.
Day one is the re-balance day as above, then day two is approximately a week later and is a practical working and reinforcement day for both dog and its owner. Day three is a half day, that takes place four weeks later based on follow up and support.
Cost: £579 (plus travel expenses when required)

3. Seven Day Residential Rehabilitation Course – Not currently available due to Ken having twin babies
Day one being a re-balance day, Ken then takes the dog home with him to work on fixing and reinforcing new positive learned behaviour. At the end of the week Ken will return your dog to you with all their behavioural issues resolved.
Cost: £749

4. Skype Coaching Course
This is a Rebalance day broken down into four x 1 hour Skype calls over a four week period giving you new tools and the time each week to implement the Zen Dog Whispering formula, correcting the behaviour of your dog with Ken helping you along the way.
Cost: £199
Deluxe Skype Coaching Course:
£249 (includes four weeks telephone support)


Zen Dog Whispering Client Testimonials

Who knew??? Ken speaks dog and he spoke to my three dogs and they calmed. He taught me to be bilingual in Dog/English and life is now calm, happy and all relationships within the household have improved. I was very sceptical but now I am a convert to Zen Dog Whispering! Amanda Franks

Can highly recommend Ken! Our 8 month old silly staffy spent 3 days with him and has come home well behaved and a lot calmer! Ken is spot on and very helpful. Can’t thank him enough. Donna Pope

We had all but given up hope of ever considering taking our Boxer Rocky for a walk, due to his nervousness and behavioural problems. Rocky had been with the Dogs Trust for 6 months where he had been assessed by their Dog Behaviour Specialists who said he was beyond help. Also two dog trainers had worked with Rocky with no improvement.

Rocky hated everything except us. The Dogs Trust only let us have him as I had grown up with Boxers and we had a very large garden where he could play safely with no animals and no children. I contacted Ken on the advice of a friend who had used his services. I’m so very glad that I did. Thanks to Ken we now have a very happy contented and balanced dog who has had his first short walk with me today………what a fantastic feeling …..and no problems! It truly is a kind of magic for us all and I just want to thank Ken from the bottom of my heart and recommend him to anyone who has any kind of problem with their dog. Stuart Farmer

Penny Post reader Mair Reed asked for Ken’s help with her yappy Jack Russell Chico. We made this short video the day after their amazing session with Ken:

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Ken’s Background

ken-hands-on-dogKen had his first dog when he was just six years old, and his father taught him to train his dog. From that moment, Ken was hooked. His father was in the military and was a very experienced dog handler and trainer, and Ken learned much from his teachings.

ken-mervyn Zen DogClick here for the story of Ken’s own close bond with Big Mervyn, his rescued Bull Mastiff.

Ken also been a Martial Arts Practitioner for over 40 years, studying Karate, Aikido and Japanese sword. Through his Martial Arts and Zen studies he found there was a different type of energy and communication that crossed over with the work he does with dogs; a sensory communication working with powerful, calm energy and strong leadership values.



How to Contact Zen Dog Whispering

Ken Stronach
Zen Dog Whispering
Crowood House,
Gypsy Lane
Swindon SN2 8YY

07866 620933


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