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VICI Language Academy

The award-winning VICI Language Academy delivers excellent coaching in over 11 languages to individuals between the ages of two and 88 years! Located in Newbury town centre with eight dedicated classrooms, we are miles away from the normal school environment, offering a fun and holistic approach to language learning.

We achieve this by using only the finest coaches and delivering a unique immersive experience through our academy programmes, and a flexible engaging approach through our online platform. Our staff are native speakers and are passionate about teaching languages and sharing their culture.

Our students come to us for many reasons, from moving abroad as part of a lifestyle change, to wanting to excel in school exams. We match those requirements to our coaches to ensure excellent results.

Foreign Languages we can help you with: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin and English as a Foreign Language.


Online Language Learning

Our i.vici online platform delivers the same high standard of classroom teaching but with the flexibility required by many of our private students and corporate clients.

At your own pace you can learn 1:1 or in small groups or the following languages: French, German,  Spanish,  Italian, English, Mandarin, Dutch or Japanese

VICI Language Dynamics for Business

We are often approached directly by businesses that recognise the need for language training within their organisations for a variety of reasons, from improving communication through to fears about productivity. Similarly, organisations also ask us to qualify the skills of staff they had found who could already speak the required language.

To meet the demand for effective language training and recognising how businesses wanted support for an in-house alternative to the London language recruitment services, VICI Language Dynamics was born and we have, last year, opened a branch in France: VICI Languages France.

For more details please visit: vicilanguagedynamics.com

Student & Parent Testimonials

“Since I left school I have had a desire to speak French. I attempted several evening class courses but all to no avail. Then I discovered The VICI Language Academy! At long last, I am learning to speak this wonderful language and having a wonderful time doing so!” Aileen Cannock, Newbury

“I can’t recommend Vici highly enough to others, you’ve created a wonderful model and Newbury is very fortunate to have you.  Zac approaches languages with confidence and has an understanding that foreign languages are there to be enjoyed and played with, rather than simply rote learning. My intention was always to create a sense of fun and comfort for him, rather than the terrifying lessons I had at school with an absolute disciplinarian! Thank you also for the week in France with you all, he really enjoyed it and the immersive experience was fantastic!” Melissa Hughes, Kingsclere

“I’ve been at Vici Academy with my husband for over 13 months for private English lessons with great teachers. The teachers have always been very helpful, polite and friendly.

April, Debbie and Gabriela. I would like to thank them, because I’ve improved my English and now I’m a lot more confident. I would highly recommend Vici.” Liliana Valente, Thatcham

“Chinese is a hard language to study, but the lessons at Vici are proving to be very methodical and fun! Just what it takes to gather a bit of concentration after a long day at work. Well worth the money and the time spent, a good investment for the future.” Ericuz Zola, Hungerford

“Since Arthur has been coming to French at The Vici Academy, he has so much more confidence and even wanted to go to the ‘boulangerie’ and order breakfast for us all when we were in France on holiday for half term. He loves going and learning new things, and he’s only 5!” Jo-Amy Hopwood, Newbury


How to Contact Vici

Across Vici we have a ‘can do” attitude to learning. Please contact us for more details, whatever language you are interested in.

Reception Service: 01635 813273
Text Service: 07976 243529
Email: learn@thevici.com

Find us online:
thevici.com main academy website
vicilanguagedynamics.com Language Training for Businesses
i.vici.com Online Language Learning Platform

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