March Quiz

Answer eight quiz questions inspired by Mother’s Day this month to win a relaxing Traditional Thai Neck & Shoulder Massage at Orchid Thai Therapy in Newbury!

This quiz has now closed: the answers are below and the winner will be announced very soon…

Thanks to the many people who entered this. The result was a multiple tie for first place so we decided to have a tie-breaker.

We asked people to name the mother or mother-figure (can be living or dead or taken from history, myth or religion) whom you find the most interesting for whatever reason, good or bad. Then, in 15 words or fewer, explain your choice.

These were some of the replies:

Sojourner Truth – a freed slave who fought authority to secure her small son’s freedom.  Also – great name!
Mother Nature – she is the life-giving, nurturing force that keeps this fragile planet going.
Mother Nature – bright blue skies, golden sandy beaches, red sunsets, bluebells lighting up a dense green wood.
Serena Williams – in 2017 she won the women’s Australian open for the seventh time  – whilst pregnant. Awesome!
My mum – who took me as a baby to the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp.
Queen Elizabeth II – because of her extraordinary ability to adapt and re-define monarchy throughout her long reign.

All good nominations and worthy sentiments. The two we liked best, however, were:

From James Hoskins: My own mother – amongst many other things, she taught me to share – please give prize to somebody else.
And from Sophie Pannett-Smith: Perdita (101 Dalmations) – walking endless miles to avoid danger to her children -amazing for a mother of 99!

We’d like to award this jointly to both of them: given James’ answer, the whole prize thus goes to Sophie.

Thanks again to all.

Quiz Questions

1 What do the songs Our House, Let it Be and Coat of Many Colours have in common? There were all about mothers.

2 How is the date of Mothering Sunday determined? The fourth Sunday in Lent.

3 Mother’s Day is different from Mothering Sunday (although in the UK they are celebrated on the same day). When will Mother’s Day take place in Mongolia in 2018? 1 June.

4 Which famous fictional matriarch is played by June Spencer? Peggy Woolley (née Perkins, formerly Archer).

5 How many children did Queen Victoria have? Nine.

6 Gaia is the Greek mother earth goddess. What is the name of the Roman mother earth goddess? Terra Mater.

7 What do the words for ‘mother’ in German, Hindi, Icelandic, Swedish, Mandarin and Swahili all have in common? They all start with the letter ‘M’.

8 What is the term used to describe the main printed circuit board found in most computers? Motherboard.

How to Enter

All you need to do is answer the questions above and email your answers to by midnight on Saturday 31 March.

In the event of a dead heat, the winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be notified by email within a day or so of the closing date. You don’t have to be a mother to enter.

Good luck!

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