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Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue

With Easter coming up lots of unfortunate rabbits will be bought as “Easter Bunnies”, only to be abandoned because people buy them for their kids and can’t be bothered to take responsibility when the kids lose interest. Many people just don’t do the research and find that they don’t suit their lifestyle, feed them inappropriate diets, keep them alone when they are social animals and find that although they are very cheap to buy their veterinary treatment isn’t can be quite expensive.

The message from the K&C North Hampshire Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue is adopt, don’t shop, and please make sure you research rabbits’ needs and are willing to commit to the welfare and lifelong care of any animal you take on. This includes considering if the pets you already have will be compatible. Rabbits and guinea pigs are prey animals, so if you have dogs or cats that have a strong hunting instinct it may not be a good idea to keep small prey animals too.

Animals that come from the charity will have been health checked, vaccinated and neutered if appropriate, and you will be able to ask for advice about their care after you’ve taken them home.  K&C also have a Facebook group where you can support the charity, find out the latest news about rabbits and guinea pigs up for adoption, ask for advice, and help with bonding single rabbits and guinea pigs, and, of course, they’ll take in rabbits and guinea pigs that need re-homing.

For instance the two lovely guinea pigs called Dylan (brown and ginger) and Jesper (white) are currently being fostered until they find a permanent home. Jesper’s story is particularly sad.  He was one of 10 guinea pigs Claire rescued in January. The family dog had destroyed their hutch and they had taken shelter under a garden shed, where they were left to fend for themselves and the dog was able to hunt and kill them if they ventured out.  They were all underweight, several were pregnant, two had health issues due to inbreeding and some were nearly bald.  They have been nursed back to health and some have now found loving homes, but there are a few, however, including Jesper who are still up for adoption.

How to Help the Charity

North Hampshire Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue charity was founded by Claire Brimble who is based near Tadley, with many others in the local area helping to foster rabbits and guinea pigs in need.

If you can adopt an animal or would like to support the charity in any way please contact:



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