Valentine’s Quiz – the answers

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The prize was a beautiful box of 24 chocolates, handmade locally by Sam at Tilly’s Treats.  The Sundae and Fruity Collection includes White Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Hearts, Milk Chocolate Butterscotch Cubes, Crunchy Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Weaves, Milk Chocolate Banana Truffle Pyramids and Tangy Dark and Orange Chocolate Orange Truffle Log.

What drama and excitement at Penny Post HQ as the answers were marked. Never before has anyone got 100% in a Penny Post Quiz – and this time, we had not one but two. Congratulations to Andrew Blake and Julie Mungomery who share this unique distinction. Up on to the top of the podium with both of you and milk that applause.

Honour and achievement are thus equally shared: but the prize needed, we felt, to be kept intact. So, under conditions of secrecy and security that would have put a World Cup draw to shame – in fact, it was probably a good deal more rigorous and honest than anything FIFA has recently organised – we tossed a coin to decide the winner. Unfortunately we dropped the coin and it rolled under the dresser. This seemed like A Sign – so we’re going to declare that, as well as the honour, the prize is also shared and ask Sam at Tilly’s Treats if she can instead make up two boxes of 12.

Many thanks to writer Angela Atkinson of Born-again Swindonian and AA Editorial Services for having supplied most of the questions from her article about the history of Valentine’s Day.

The questions

All you had to do was answer the questions below and email your answers to by midnight on Wednesday 28 February 2018. Thanks to all of you who took part.

1 In pre-Christian times, the Romans celebrated a fun sounding feast involving flagellation, feasting and animal sacrifice that ran from 13-15th of Feb. What was the name of the event? The feast of Lupercalia.

2 ‘All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt’. It’s a great quote – but who said it? Charles M Schultz.

3 In recent years Galantine’s Day has become a thing on the 13th February. Which TV show is credited with popularizing the idea of Galentine’s Day? Parks and Recreation.

4 The oldest surviving Valentine’s Day card, currently in the British Library, was sent in 1415 – but by whom? The Duke or Orleans.

5 What links Toby Meres, Major Horst Mohn and AJ Raffles? They were characters played by the late actor Anthony Valentine.

6 What links the actor Simon Pegg, the former footballer Kevin Keegan and the former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg? They were all born on Valentine’s Day

7 The St Valentine’s Day Massacre is the name given to the Chicago murder of seven men in 1929 as a result of a dispute between gangs from the north and south side, the infamous Al Capone leading the latter. Which famous Hollywood film did this inspire, in which two musicians who witnessed the event needed to leave town in a hurry? Some Like it Hot.

8 There’s a well-known statue in London’s Piccadilly called the statue of Eros. Except that it isn’t actually Eros. Who does the statue in fact represent? Anteros (Eros’ twin brother).

9 Now a bit of pop trivia. Some of you might struggle to imagine a time much before the millennium. But there was one. Back in 1968 Leapy Lee made a point of getting into the UK top 20. What was the title of his song? Little Arrows.

10 Staying with the 1960s who sang: ‘Cupid draw back your bow’? Sam Cooke.


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