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Part-Time Carer Required

My mother is 80 years old, has Parkinson’s and lives at Inglewood Retirement Village in Kintbury. She has two carers at present. I am looking for someone who is after ad hoc work, to fill in for her existing carers due to illness or holiday leave, as well as the odd day her or there.

There will be a certain amount of flexibility depending on your availability. We are able to offer regular night-shift care work from 9pm to 9am, twice a week, £60 a night, if this is of interest. My mother will mostly be in bed during these hours but sometimes she needs help to get to the bathroom in the night. We could also offer a more regular day of work, especially at the weekends. She is always looking for more cover in the weekends. Daily rate for 9am to 9pm is £120 a day.

How to apply
Please contact Tiffany Newton on or 07711 339 052.

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