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New Year – A Resolution to Treat Your Skin

We can be very hard on ourselves at New Year – resolutions are often focused on denying ourselves treats so it’s no wonder we don’t always look forward to them.
At Andresa we’ve decided to take a different approach – we want to help you make a resolution you’re going to feel great about: to give yourself great skin for 2018. Here’s my top five tips to making that resolution stick.

1. Have a facial workout

Whilst many people will be snapping up gym memberships and spending time with personal trainers this month, why not consider a different form of exercise – a facial workout! Find out how a few minutes a day can keep those lines at bay in this Marie Claire article on Face Yoga

2. Clear out your cabinet

Have a look in your bathroom cabinet (and your make up bag too while you’re at it) – how many of the items do you actually use? How many of them are out of date? How many of them irritate your skin? Anything that is older than 12 months, has not been used for 6 months or has caused your skin to flare up (beauty is not pain – that’s a myth!) needs to go straight in the bin.

3. Think about what you put in

How much water are you drinking? How much alcohol? How much sugar are you putting in to your system? What skin-boosting foods and vitamins are you including in your diet? My blog post on nutrition will help you make sure you’re putting the right ingredients in to get the best result on the outside.

4. Be a sleeping beauty – DermaQuest Retexture Serum

This product has got all of us excited as it contains all the benefits of retinol but without the downtime. Combining botanicals, peptides, vitamins, retinol and glycolic acid; Retexture Serum will renew, hydrate and brighten your complexion while you sleep.

5. Lots of exercise and rest

Your skin is the single biggest organ your body has. To keep it in great shape, and functioning properly, take regular exercise, and make sure that you rest properly. Your skin will thank you for it.

If you’d like to discuss any of these tips in more detail, or just want the opportunity to understand how to get the very best from your skin in 2016, go to www.andresa.co.uk or call us on 01635 800183.

By Theresa Fleetwood, Andresa Skin Health Clinic, Wasing Estate, Aldermaston.

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