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Cook to Impress this Valentine’s Day

“Enjoy a bit of skirt this Valentines…”

Don’t get your knickers in a twist this Valentines Day – keep it simple and get ready to blow the socks off your loved one by impressing them with some totally seductive culinary skills.

“How could I manage that?” I hear you say…

The answer is simple and, thankfully for most, doesn’t rely on charm, good looks or vast wealth. All you have to do is follow some simple steps from Cook & Butcher to achieve the perfectly cooked steak. Just to spice things up a little and to track away from what is considered to be the norm such as fillet, sirloin, ribeye and a bit of rump, to name but a few, Cook & Butcher has mastered together the essentials to guarantee stunning and original success.

The best bit of it all is that, as well providing some easy-to-follow steps, we have chosen a steak that not only tastes superb but is great value too. Just to make it even easier we have pieced together the perfect package with no need to buy anything else.

Meat and Veg

2x 8oz skirt steaks, new potatoes, French beans, carrots, garlic and banana shallots.

A choice of sauce

Brandy & three peppercorn; or Madeira and wild mushroom


Choose from a selection of locally hand made chocolates.


Choose from a bottle of red or even pick up a couple of beers from one of our locally stocked brewers.

All this is available for just £30.

We have listed some easy-to-follow steps below on the perfect way to get your steaks how you like:

• Get all your ingredients to hand and ready to use:, cooking the perfect steak is all about timing so don’t want to be messing around when cooking commences.
• Remove steaks from fridge an hour before cooking, allowing them to come to room temperature.
• Meanwhile poor yourself a glass of wine.
• Bring some water to the boil and place some halved new potatoes, and chunky cut carrots in the water.
• Melt a good sized knob of butter in a griddle pan, top and tail & split the shallots in half, lengthways.
• Pop the shallots in the griddle pan on a low to medium heat, occasionally shaking around in the pan until golden and starting to soften.
• Get another saucepan of water on the boil ready for the green beans. Push the shallots to the edge of the pan and place a topped garlic bulb face down in the pan, season steak with course-ground salt and pepper all over.
• Increase pan to high before placing steak in pan (this will help draw moisture to surface and increase char to steak)
• Lower the steak into the pan, starting nearest you and finishing furthest away so as not to spit hot butter on yourself, leave the steak, allowing to take on some colour. (Cooking guides: Rare- 1.5-2mins a side; Medium- 2.5-3mins a side; Well-done – don’t bother, just eat a burger 😁)
• Whilst the steak is cooking, take the garlic bulb from the pan and rub over the steak, continue to spoon butter & meat juices onto the steak, repeating this on both sides of the steak.
• Once the steak is cooked on both sides, bring the shallots back to the centre of the pan, turn off the heat and place the steaks on top of the shallots, allowing to rest, meanwhile continue to spoon the juices over the steak. (Sitting it on the shallots shall act as a protective barrier, ensuring it does not over cook whilst still keeping it warm)
• Whilst the steak is resting, heat the sauce until piping hot, put the green beans in the second pan of boiling water, cooking until tender.
• To serve the steak, slice thinly across the grain, and serve onto a bed of shallot, alongside the veg and pour on the sauce – and don’t forget the wine!

(Of course, this isn’t a one-day-in-the-year meal: if you already have other plans for 14 February then this will work at any other time as well…)

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