Wrap Up Christmas – how to recycle all your festive stuff

Twelfth Night approaches on 6 January, and with it the problem of taking down decorations and getting rid of Christmas trees. According to superstition, spirits live in the trees which must be released back into the open otherwise they will not be able to help the crops grow.

Christmas Tree Disposal

We find that very dry Christmas tree branches make excellent kindling in an open fire or a wood burner, although we’ve been advised by a local sweep that the resin can cause a dangerous build up in the flue.

Various recycling services offered by local councils and other organisations will chip your tree for mulch. Here are some local options:

– take your trees by 15 January to Newbury’s Christmas Tree Farm (on Bagnor Road en route to Watermill Theatre) who chip the trees and then let them compost into a soil improver.

– for tree drop-off locations and dates in Wantage and the Vale of the White Horse area, click here.

– in Hungerford there will be Christmas Tree mulching – 10am – 1pm Sun 7 Jan for a donation to charity. You can also drop-off your Christmas cards and wrapping paper and disused lights (see below)

Cards, Crackers & Wrapping Paper

Until 8 January Sainsbury’s are collecting cards, wrapping paper and disused lights for recycling and the more they collect, the more they donate to the FSC Forests for All

Or you can do create projects to re-use your cards by turning them into bunting etc


Used stamps are requested by Newbury Cats Protection and can be left at the Community Spirit Charity Shop on Thatcham High Street or with us in East Garston.


Received a surfeit of smellies this year? There is only so much you can use so why not donate some to a local good cause looking for raffle prizes?

Leftover Food

Click here for some recipe ideas for using up your Christmas leftovers!

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