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Hungerford Town & Manor Donations 2017

The Town & Manor is an ancient charity based in Hungerford which owns and manages a 400+ acre estate which includes Hungerford Common, the Town Hall and five miles of fishing on the Rivers Kennet and Dun.

The charity aims to generate a surplus each year and to use the funds to maintain the historic buildings and traditions of Hungerford. It also supports other local charities through donations. In 2017 the charity donated to 14 organisations totalling over £17,000. Many of these donations were matched funded by Greenham Common Trust via their Good Exchange platform so bringing additional funds into Hungerford.

The recipients in 2017 were as follows:

Arts for Hungerford  £500
Berkshire Vision £300
Cambourn Trust £500
Hungerford & District Community Arts Festival £1,000
Hungerford Allotment Holders Association £1,349
Hungerford Cricket Club £500
Hungerford Town Band £1,700
Hungerford Town Council – Christmas Lights £1,000
Hungerford Xmas Extravaganza £1,395
Hungerford Youth & Community Centre £5,000
John O’Gaunt School – Floodlights £1,000
Morley Lunches £705
Newbury Weekly News – Christmas Parcel Fund £400
St Lawrence’s Church £1,000
Grand Total £17,349

The Constable for Hungerford Town & Manor, Ellie Dickins, said, “This is a vital part of the work of the Town & Manor and I’m delighted to see the positive effects that our work can have on the local community. We welcome applications for donations from any group or project that benefits Hungerford and I hope 2018 will see another great year.”

Charlie Barr from the Hungerford Youth & Community Centre said, “Over the past few years, support from the Town and Manor of Hungerford has been vital to the Hungerford Youth and Community Centre. Hungerford is very fortunate to be home to a charity which takes such an active and intelligent interest in supporting local groups and projects. The grant we received this year played a key role in entering the Greenham Trust’s Pitch to the Panel competition and enabled us to win £24,000 to replace the old and defunct kitchen. It paid for the upkeep of our website and also for a few hours of maintenance from a professional: some jobs are a little bit beyond our volunteers! It is thanks, in no small part, to the Town and Manor of Hungerford that our Centre is alive and well today.”

Brian David, Chair of the Hungerford Arts Festival said, “Thanks to the generous and much appreciated donation from the Town and Manor of Hungerford, the town’s Arts Festival organisers were able to use the Corn Exchange for the broadcast of BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions and the Town Hall for two digital photography workshops and an illustrated talk by the Assistant Puppetry Director of the National Theatre’s War Horse.  In addition the Festival programme is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of the ever-popular themed walks around Eddington and Freemans Marshes, led by knowledgeable members of the Town and Manor wildlife team. “

Geoff Greenland, Chair of the Hungerford Allotment Holders Association said, “The donations for Marsh Lane has enabled us to improve the availability and quality of the water used by the 70+ plotholders for plant irrigation.  The donations for Fairfields will improve the current rain water harvesting system so as to increase storage capacity fourfold. The scheme is eco-friendly and will reflect current best practice in rainwater harvesting. The benefit will be that the 24 plotholders will no longer have to bring water from home during times of drought  in order to keep their plants alive and healthy.”

Nigel Perrin, Treasurer of the Hungerford Extravaganza said, “The Hungerford Christmas Extravaganza is a much loved event and attended by around 10,000 people each year but costs in the region of £20,000 and without the help of a generous donation from the Town and Manor of Hungerford this year the event might not have happened at all. Many local businesses and individuals donate every year to make the event happen and help towards the costs for event Insurance, medical cover, crowd control barriers, marshalling and fireworks.”

For further details contact Jed Ramsay, CEO at the Town and Manor of Hungerford, tel: 01488 686555  or 07557 440424, email jed@townandmanor.co.uk

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