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Review of 2017

2017 has been a busy year for us, seeing our 500th newsletter in September and our Best in Business Award in November. We are very grateful for the continued support of our readers, advertisers and contributors.

We love it when Penny Post readers connect with each other. For instance local PR maven Angie Howard spotted our post about Marlborough author Vanessa Lafaye‘s moving blog Living While Dying and prcoeeded to get Vanessa’s story into the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times. We also love making a difference – for instance when we:

– helped Cards for Good Causes in Hungerford recruit more staff so they could raise more funds for charity
– introduced Cats Protection to the Community Spirit Charity Shop in Thatcham who agreed to collect used stamps for them
– introduced a reader who wanted to set up a new volleyball club in Newbury for people of all abilities to Nick Rance at Ever Active team
– posted local woodworker Chris Allen’s appeal for silver birch which was answered by the BBOWT Wildlife Trust.

During the year we have highlighted numerous appeals, consultations and campaigns across the area and examined some issues in more depth in our weekly Local News section and associated posts. We have also promoted a large number of local businesses, large and small, and helped many organisations recruit staff and publicise events – for more on their reactions, please click here.

In January 2017 we launched Penny Post Hungerford, a monthly e-newsletter that covers more details of life in and around the town. This has helped us publicise a number of important and often complex local issues including Salisbury Road, the proposed neighbourhood plan and the future of the library and the post office.

We would like to thank our webmaster Mike Vince and volunteer website updater Alistair Mills for keeping our website running smoothly and we are delighted to have regular contributions from recipes and gardening tips to financial planning and book reviews. We run regular quizzes and competitions and a wide range of humorous articles, short stories and literary parodies.

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