Penny Post 2017 Quiz – the answers

The quiz has now closed and the answers can be seen below. All the questions related to 2017. The odd-numbered (pink) ones were local, the even-numbered (black) ones were from slightly further afield.

Many thanks to all of you who entered and congratulations to our winner – step forward James Hoskins who wins a meal for two and a bottle of house wine and a room for the night at the Queens Arms in East Garston. Many thanks to Sue and Freddie Tulloch (now their surname can be revealed – see Q17)) for donating this generous prize.

Whether you entered or not and whether you won or not, we hope this provided a pleasurable amount of head-scratching. Note that not one of the similar quizzes we’ve set (including this one) has resulted in anyone getting 100% so, for future ones, your best shot could still make you the winner.

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   It was reported in the Local News section of Penny Post in late May that which animal can hold its breath underwater for twice as long as a dolphin? A sloth.
2    What was photographed for the first time in April? A black hole.
3    It was announced in February that what service from Wiltshire and West Berkshire to London would be saved? Direct train services from Bedwyn, Hungerford and Kintbury
4    What was the longest day of the year in the UK in 2017? 29 October, which had 25 hours as the clocks went back at 2am – not 21 June, as many of you put: that may have had the most hours of daylight but it was only 24 hours long. (26 March was, for the same reason, the shortest day with only 23 hours.)
5    What crashed into a wall in Barn Street in Marlborough on 27 September? An armoured vehicle.
6    What do John F Kennedy and Osama Bin Laden have in common? Both had papers relating to their deaths released by the US government.
7    Which Knight took over in May? Keith Knight, who became Mayor of Hungerford.
8    What had 317 after having previously had 330? The Conservative party, before and after the 2017 General Election.
9    What award did Katy Hawthorne win in March? The Newbury Civic Award.
10  What do Essex, Nottinghamshire (twice) and Berkshire have in common? They won the four major cricket competitions in 2017, respectively the County Championship, the One-day Cup, the T20 Blast and the Minor Counties Championship.
11  What gave up the brandy in Newbury after nearly 60 years? Newbury Racecourse, which changed its sponsorship  of the Gold Cup from Henessey to Ladbrokes in 2017.
12  What do Aaron Ramsey, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Tom Rogic and Moussa Dembélé have in common? They scored the last goals in the finals of respectively the English FA Cup, the English league Cup, the Scottish FA Cup and the Scottish League Cup in 2017.
13  How many families did the Ray Collins Charitable Trust take to the Cotswold Wildlife Park in October? 23.
14  What do Ali Smith, Paul Auster, Mohsin Hamid and George Saunders have in common? They were all shortlisted for the Man Booker prize for Fiction in 2017, George Saunders winning with Lincoln in the Bardo.
15  What do Bluebird Care, Cobbs Farm Shop, Inn at Home and Penny Post have in common? They all won in various categories in the NWN Best in Business Awards 2017, respectively Customer Service, Rural, Independent Retailer and Digital & Social Media.
16  What do Malcolm Young, Fats Domino, Tom Petty and Walter Becker have in common? They all died in 2017.
17  What is the surname of the owners of the Queens Arms in East Garston? Tulloch.
18  What do Moonlight, Zootopia, The Salesman and OJ have in common? They all won Academy Awards in 2017, respectively for Best Film (after some confusion), Best Foreign-language Film and Best Documentary.
19  What agreed to cut its membership from 52 to 42? West Berkshire Council which, along with other local authorities, is reducing its number of councillors.
20  What doubled in November after a decade of not changing? UK interest rates, which rose from 0.25% to 0.5%.


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  1. Trevor Coles comment seems unnecessarily harsh, it’s only a local quiz? Perhaps all comments should specify their location… in the Penny Post area…otherwise it’s easy for anyone to be critical?

  2. I love your quizzes Brian!!!!!
    Naturally I’ve already spend a ridiculous amount of hours on this one but will not let it beat me!!!!

    • Thanks for your kind words. They’re fun to set and, I hope for most people, fun to do. I’ve just had a glance at the Quiz of the year in ‘The Week’ and my one seems a lot easier (but I guess any quiz is easy when you know all the answers). Plus, their one doesn’t have a great prize…

  3. Surely, a quiz with questions that your loyal followers can actually answer with a modicum of intelligence is better than this exclusively Oxford/Cambridge challenge? What a load of Xmas bolloxxxxxx.

    • Trevor: Sorry this is not to your taste. A quiz that people do at home, rather than in a pub, needs to have some slightly cryptic questions otherwise some people can just look up the answers online. I make no apology for the fact that some need a bit of head scratching to help pass a few minutes over the holiday period. In fact, almost all the questions can be answered by googling them, sometimes with a bit of studying of the search results (it’s hard to think of anything these days that can’t be answered that way). All relate to matters featured in the national or local news in 2017, often prominently. It’s no more difficult than the quizzes of the year in many national newspapers which, unlike Penny Post, you have to pay to buy, and has a much better prize. None of the questions have anything to do with Oxford or Cambridge.
      Brian Quinn
      PS: we always welcome contributions from readers so please let me know if you’d like to set all or part of a future quiz.

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