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Message from The Bedwyn Pub Company

This email was received by Penny Post on 21 December 2017. We’re happy to reproduce it here in its entirety.

Dear Cross Keys Supporter

Thank you for taking the trouble to register your interest. You will by now be aware that an article was published in the December Parish News, which included details of who we are. You are one of over 150 villagers who have registered their interest, this is a great endorsement and we are sure that it will be a compel-ling factor when we have discussions with planners about the viability of the project. Please do continue to spread the word, and encourage others to register their support. Please do reinforce that there is no financial obligation.

There have been some adverse comments made about us and our intentions. Please allow me to be absolutely clear; there is nothing false or misleading about what we are trying to achieve, quite the contrary. We are not inviting anyone to invest funds at this stage. When we are approaching the point where an agreed price has been established for the freehold, we will be seeking pledges of investment, this could take many months or even years.

We made a fully-funded offer to purchase the whole site, including the rear buildings and garden, this was received by the owner’s company, and his agent, to date there has been no response. This offer formally registers our genuine inter-est. We are aware that it has since been taken off the market again, but should it come back on we would welcome the opportunity to engage with the freeholder.

Our sole purpose and ambition is to reopen the Cross Keys in the heart of the village community. We firmly believe that if properly run, it will be profitable, and benefit the village and wider community, providing a venue for tourism, while enhancing local business and employment. There is no doubt that not that long ago, The Cross Keys attracted much business from canal users and holiday makers, this trade was invaluable to our Stores and Post Office which have both suffered as a result.

We hear it said that the pub failed during its last tenancy, while this is clearly true, our analysis shows that a significant reason for its failure was a clause in the tenancy which forced the purchase of stock from a source nominated by the owner, at a premium. Our business model is based upon a freehouse model, in other words with  total independence of stock sourcing.

We continue to work hard preparing the business case, we are working closely with, and drawing on the experience of others, including from those experienced in the pub trade. We are already working on a Share prospectus, ready for when we reach that stage. We will strive to keep you informed where possible, however, you will understand that some information, if it were to get back to the freeholder could be detrimental to our objective of buying the property to re-create the Cross Keys Pub. Please be assured that when the time is right, we will give you all the information that you will require.

If there is anyone out there with specific skills, in particular accountancy, but also property law, and project management, we would really welcome your help on our team. Contact can be made by Email onenquires@thebedwynpubcompany.co.uk.

Finally, may I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and a great New Year. Let us hope that this could be the year which sees the return of the Cross Keys to our village.

Yours sincerely

Rob Braybrooke
Director, The Bedwyn Pub Company Ltd.

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