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Town & Manor of Hungerford – June 2018 update
Temporary Closure of Rootes Meadow – May to July 2018

We’d like to let all those who enjoy Freeman’s Marsh why we’ve had to temporarily close the area known as Rootes Meadow.

You may have already noticed that we have fenced off the gated entrance and put up diversion signs.

The reason for the closure of the meadow is so we can take steps to treat various problems within the meadow.  These include assessment and removal of ragwort, spraying of creeping thistle and reduction of mole damage.  These factors if not addressed reduce the usability of the meadow for cattle grazing and are part of our usual management procedures.

This year, the problems have been more pronounced than usual and we will need to keep the area closed probably until mid-July.  We will then also be surveying the wild flowers and taking soil samples as part of the identification of the quality of land for our work with DEFRA.

If anyone would like to know more about these works please contact Jed Ramsay: jed@townandmanor.co.uk.

Hungerford Common Wildflower Restoration – November 2017

The Town and Manor of Hungerford is re-introducing acres of lost wild flowers including harebell, knapweed, field scabious and cowslip to encourage biodiversity on Hungerford Common.

This is great news for pollinators especially birds, bees and butterflies, which have suffered from the drastic reduction lately, as well as for the cattle, which will enjoy a more varied diet as result. It will also be a real treat for visitors to the Common who don’t get to see these lovely flowers here very often.

The project has completed its first phase, involving ploughing several areas of the Common that we could then sow with wildflower seed before rolling it. The work proved more difficult than we first thought as the grass grew surprisingly vigorously this October due to the warm weather.

However, with some extra work we got the areas prepared and sown.

The sown areas can be walked on and we expect it will take two years before we see the results.

The project was jointly funded by the Town & Manor, North Wessex Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Greenham Common Trust at an estimated total cost of £8,000.

Historic Hungerford Map Restoration

The Town & Manor holds a range of historic documents, relics and maps.  One such map, was the W. Francis 1794 map which was hung in the Sandon Fee room in the Town Hall.  Over the years the map had suffered some water damage and was showing signs of degradation.

Richard Greenly Photography based in Hungerford was engaged to undertake a digital restoration of the map.  This has been completed to great success and a cleaned reproduction is now hanging in its place.

The original map has been passed to Berkshire Record Office who hold a collection of material on behalf on the Town & Manor.

Jed Ramsay
CEO, Hungerford Town & Manor

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