Community Christmas

Many organisations meet the needs of the elderly throughout the year but take a well earned break at Christmas. Community Christmas‘s mission is that no elderly person is alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be.  They encourage anyone who wants to set up a Christmas event for elderly people in their community.

Community Christmas will:

  • provide support and guidance to new events,
  • list any events wishing to do so to maximise their reach into the communities and
  • guide those in need, those who care about them, or those that want to help them, towards an event in their area.

To find a Christmas Day event near you click here and enter your postcode.

Community Christmas are looking for:

  • People to organise new events.
  • Local volunteers to help run the events (if you, or someone you know, already runs an event at on Christmas Day for elderly people then Community Christmas would love to be able to include the details on their website).
  • Elderly guests who do not want to be alone on Christmas Day.
  • People to spread the word about Community Christmas.
  • Donations to help fund the organisation of Community Christmas:

To give £5 simply text

SNTA05 to 70070

If you would like to get involved please visit

To help contact Community Christmas now on 0800 063 9285

The aims of Community Christmas

Community Christmas don’t want Christmas to be ‘just another day’, “we want it to be a day when our communities make our elderly feel treasured and cared for.” 87% of older people want a traditional Christmas spent in company.

Bring your Community together to make this Christmas different and build bonds that last all year long.



Top photo: Bournemouth Echo file image