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Christmas Carol for Hungerford

Hungerford now has its own carol, written especially for the town for performance during the forthcoming Christmas season. With music and lyrics composed by Moya Dixon, who lives locally, The Bethlehem Boy won Hungerford Carol Competition last Saturday afternoon.

The competition was the brainchild of Iris Lloyd, who approached Tim Crouter, musical director of Hungerford Town Band, and church organist Chris Buck. Both were enthusiastic and the three of them became judges.

Competitors were invited to submit original words and music of a carol based on the theme of Nativity. Ten entries were received and performed in the parish church of St. Lawrence last Saturday afternoon. Not all composers were musicians and had to work hard to produce the required notation. One carol was presented by ukulele, another by guitar; some were sung by a soloist and others by a small group of singers. It was emphasised that it was the carol being judged and not the performance.

A condition of entry was that the winning carol may be played by the town band at their concerts and by the church organist at various services during this Christmas season, the copyright remaining with the composer.

All entries were of a very high standard and Tim Crouter said, when announcing the result, that it had been difficult to choose an outright winner. Several of the other entries will be suitable for singing in school or at family church services.

The winner, Moya Dixon, was presented with a musician’s pen.

[Photograph provided by Tony Bartlett – Ed]



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