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October News from My Apple Juice: Apples Needed Now!

We’ve had a busy start to October at My Apple Juice but things are slightly quieter now – so we have capacity to receive people’s apples to press into bottled juice with their house name and other personalisation on the label.

The main apple crop may be over but there are many varieties that keep to Christmas and beyond. There are also many cookers still on the trees which will get sweeter and make delicious juice. We normally keep on pressing right up to the week before Christmas.

Here’s a statistic for you to chew over: 60% of the apples we eat or which make the juice we drink in the UK are imported: and yet a staggering 90% of apples in private gardens and orchards in this country go to waste.

If, therefore, you have more apples than you want to press into juice, than you have space to freeze, than can give away or than you can otherwise use, then please gather these and bring them to us at our new premises near Cold Harbour, just south of Hungerford.

50% will be pressed and put into three-litre pouches (equal to four bottles) which we will donate to West Berks Food Bank and Devizes & Marlborough Food Bank. Last year we made and handed over 100 pouches (ie 400 bottles or about 600 kg of apples) – click here for a brief video. This year we would love to double that to 200 pouches or more: over a ton of apples that would otherwise have gone to waste. Eaters or cookers work well. Fallers are also OK if they have slight bruising and are clean – but no rot or mould please. Apples picked from trees are ideal

The other 50% we own-label to sell through the summer which goes part way to paying for both batches.

We are currently 50% up on last year: our target for 2017 production is 70,000 bottles which is about 100 tons of apples not going to waste.

We’re especially keen for schools to gather fruit from their families and villages. We can print the school name and logo on the label and discount the cost so the PTA can then sell the bottles on to parents and Christmas Fairs and similar, earning about £1 per bottle for their fundraising.

How to Contact My Apple Juice

No appointment necessary but you are welcome to contact Richard Paget on: 01672 520639 or 07825 372225

How to find us – please follow the signs from the Inkpen Gate on Hungerford Common:

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