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Hungerford Trade Showcase, 13 October

Here’s a question for you.

CDK Global, based in Charnham Park, is one of Hungerford’s largest employers with over 250 staff. But what does it do?

(The answer can be found by clicking on the link at the foot of this article.)

Town Councillor and former Mayor Martin Crane believes that the vast majority of Hungerford residents wouldn’t know the answer. “If so, I don’t think it’s particularly unusual,” he said. “In many towns it would be the same. The markets of companies like CDK are national or international, rather than local. They have no shop front or town-centre location and so are to some extent invisible.”

With or without this knowledge, life goes on. Perhaps, therefore, it doesn’t matter if people are unaware of these large employers on their doorstep?

Martin disagrees. “I think it does matter. These companies are the backbone of our town’s economy. Their success benefits Hungerford. Furthermore, as companies grow – as most of these companies are doing – new job opportunities emerge. I believe it’s in everyone’s interests that they start a recruitment locally rather than automatically believe that they should search further afield.”

The Hungerford Trade Showcase is designed to help introduce these dynamic and successful companies to their potential employees in Hungerford, and vice versa.

This unique and free event will take place at John O’Gaunt School from 3.30pm till 6pm on Friday 13 October. It will give local residents the chance to meet representatives from many of these companies and to find out more about what they do and what opportunities they can offer.

The event will give these companies the chance to explain their products, their markets, the kind of qualifications and experience they are looking in their new employees for and the employment, contracting, training or apprenticeship opportunities thy can offer.

“There’s nothing like talking to people face to face to get a feeling for what one can offer the other,” Martin said. “It may be that there are other things people would like to find out about these organisations. If so, this is the ideal opportunity to come along and ask!”

The Hungerford Trade Showcase will obviously be of particular benefit to young people who have recently left or will soon be leaving full-time education as well as to those who are considering what further courses or qualification to pursue – but others will benefit as well. “These days, people change jobs and careers a lot more frequently than in the past,” Martin observed. “Anyone who is considering such a change may well want to check what opportunities exist on their doorstep.”

Locally-based companies also require locally-based services ranging from catering to repair work, so local businesses may find that there are opportunities than can be explored.

“It’s my belief,” Martin concluded, “that the more our local companies know about what’s available in Hungerford, and vice versa, the better it is for everyone. Hungerford is a wonderful and vibrant town with a number of advantages for employers in terms of location, infrastructure and transport. The Town Council wants to encourage them to stay and encourage others to relocate here. The better and stronger the links between them and the local community and its organisations, the more likely this is to happen.”

This free event will preceded by a private viewing for students. No pre-booking is required.

For more information, contact or call 01488 684 804.

(And for those of you who don’t know what CDK Global does, click here…)

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