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The Police Presence in Hungerford

A meeting was held in September between representatives of Hungerford Town Council and Thames Valley Police in order to help clarify the new arrangements with regard to local policing and, in particular, the status of the police presence at the new tri-service station. The following are brief notes of the main points.

This includes some information sent by the Thames Valley Police to the Full Meeting of Hungerford Town Council on 2 October 2017.

This post is intended as a general guide to policing arrangements in the area and to the local forces’s relationship with Hungerfgord Town Council and will be amended as necessary and any significant revisions will be publicised in Penny Post. Its intention is not to discuss specific incidents or crime statistics: for these, please see the links provided below.

The local police service

Hungerford, like everywhere else in the Thames Valley, is policed by emergency response and neighbourhood teams. The emergency uniform response is a 24/7 service. The dedicated neighbourhood policing team deals with local policing issues. This team works a mixture of day and late shifts and is not available every day. The officers and PCSOs covering Hungerford are part of a larger team also covering Downlands so when appropriate they will provide mutual support. Sgt Alan Hawkett spends 50% time with both. If it is a non-urgent incident, PCSOs will respond. The police stressed that response officers will always have a police presence in Hungerford.

Nature of the tri-service station

The meeting revealed the station is not designed for visitors. The police made clear that the station is a base for them and is not for dealing with face-to-face enquiries. Officers intend spending as little time there as possible as they would rather be patrolling the  streets or responding to incidents.  The base allows them to spend more time in Hungerford.

Lost property

For the same reason, the police do not want to be dealing with lost property and for that reason there was no letter box or drop box. Unless the property is unlawful, you should report it on 101 and are then entitled to retain or dispose it after six weeks. If the police need to take possession of the items, arrangements will be made.


The police commented on the reference to the fact that the number of burglaries had spiked in Hungerford. They said this has been the case across the country since April. They have however made several arrests and the numbers have fallen significantly.

Presence at Council meetings

The police will do their best to attend and the Inspector may also do so on occasions but they cannot guarantee this. They are moving away from monthly reports as these are time-consuming and only deal with what has happened. As Hungerford doesn’t have a Neighbourhood Action Group they will look at doing a quarterly written report. They wish to focus on prevention and current info which they do by way of Thames Valley Alerts (TVAs). You can sign up on the Police website to receive these.


• For emergency enquiries ring 999.

• For non-emergency enquiries ring 101.

• For general information about policing in the area, please click here. For information about the Hungerford & Lambourn area (including contact details), please click here. For other areas, please click here and enter your postcode.

• There is no phone at the tri-service station. Thames Valley Alerts and emails to HungerfordandDownlandsNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk are the favoured method of communication. The email inbox is checked daily.

• The local Police aim to visit to Hungerford once a month with the police van for the public ‘have your say’.  There is also Crimestoppers which allows people to report a crime anonymously.

Neighbourhood Watch

It was agreed this is invaluable. Meetings take place as required and these are and will continue to be given wide publicity.


It is hoped that funds will soon be made available to extend the CCTV network in Hungerford.


  1. Anthony Buckwell

    When did the number of burglaries “spike” in Hungerford? It seems to me that timing is fundamental to such a n observation.

    • Brian Quinn

      Anthony –
      I agree; and will try to find out. Statistics are often used loosely and I’ve been guilty of reporting one in that way too.

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