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Natura Spa at InglewoodThis quiz has now closed. The winners will be announced and contacted shortly.

Here’s a special 500th-edition quiz which celebrates the wide range of information which is to be found in the Penny Post website. We’ve selected 20 (it could have been 200) questions which can be answered from your memory of previous newsletters or (if you want to cheat slightly, which is fine) by using the search bar on the home page.

It takes in office dogs, rescued hedgehogs, a Peruvian cleric, a Swindonian star, a 17th-century soldier, an Olympic sport, an April fool, modern soul, youth clubs, dark skies and a flapjack recipe. We hope that’s varied enough.

Such quizzes normally have a prize. We’re going one better and offering two.

First prize: Two ‘Relax’ Spa Days at Natura Spa at Audley Inglewood near Kintbury. Many thanks to Jade at Natura Spa for donating this prize.

Second prize: An autumn hamper filled with various local edible treats. Many thanks to all the people who have contributed items to this (full list to follow once the contents are confirmed).

This is all you have to do:

• Answer the 20 questions below, all of which (as mentioned above) can be answered after a perusal of the Penny Post website.
• Email your answers (using the subject ‘Penny Post Website Quiz‘) to by 6pm on Monday 30 October 2017.

Two entries will be chosen at random from among the correct ones received and the winners notified by email.


Website Quiz Questions

1. Which daughter of Swindon is commemorated with a statue in the town? Diana Dors.

2. Which youth theatre company from West Berkshire performs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every year? The Newbury Youth Theatre.

3. Which local school did the youngest ever director to screen a film at the British Film Institute go to? Drew Casson went to John O’Gaunt.

4. Newbury’s Annabel Chaffey is in training to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics in which sport? Bob-sleigh.

5. Roughly how many hedgehogs do Gill Lucraft and her team at Hedgehog Bottom in Thatcham rescue each year? 700.

6. Whom did the politician George Brown allegedly ask for a dance? The Cardinal Archbishop of Lima.

7. A local estate agency has an occasional canine staff member. What’s his name? Milo.

8. Whose garrison was stationed at Littlecote House during the English Civil War? Alexander Popham’s.

9. Which Wantage youth club did the Ray Collins Charitable Trust provide funds for in 2016? Beatbox.

10. Which local fitness trainer has recently cycled to Italy, covering 440 miles in 29 hours? Ricardo Defazio of Seeds2Glory.

11. Which organisation aims that no elderly person is alone on Christmas Day if they don’t want to be? Community Christmas.

12. Which shop’s catalogue did Toni Kent suggest would help keep your children entertained over the holidays? Argos.

13. A quarter of a teaspoon of what is an optional ingredient for rhubarb and coconut flapjacks? Rosewater.

14. What was the song of the week in Penny Post for 17-24 August 2017? My Tears Dry on their Own by Amy Winehouse.

15. In which month was the data used in the dark skies map of the North Wessex Downs AONB collected? September 2015.

16. According to a parody written by Luis Borges, how many different groups of animals are there? 14.

17. Which Ramsbury-based charity provides nearly 1,000 school meals a day in Upper West Ghana? Action Through Enterprise.

18. On which TV programme was Ollie Hunter from The Wheatsheaf in Chilton Foliat a semi-finalist? Master Chef.

19. How old was Hungerford’s Iris Lloyd when she wrote her first novel? 70.

20. On what date did Juventus (allegedly) propose playing the first leg of a friendly against Hungerford Town? 31 June 2017.


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