Penny Post Local Quiz – the answers

Welcome to the Penny Post Local Quiz with two special prizes. The quiz has now closed and the answers are below.

Congratulations to our two winners, Sarah Warburton (first) and James Hoskins (second). Thanks to all of you who entered.

First prize: A meal for two and a bottle of house wine and a double room for the night at The Pheasant in Shefford Woodlands, recently featured in The Sunday Times as one of the “Best Places to Stay in the UK”.

Many thanks to Jack Greenall for this excellent prize.

Second prize: A local hamper filled with goodies kindly supplied by:
My Apple Juice
Beechwood Eggs
Tilly’s Treat Chocolate
Rockin’ Good Salt
Blackberry Cottage Cake Slices
Jan’s Bees Honey
Ramsbury Beer
Loddon Beer
Indigenous Beer

Thanks also to Julie Mungomery for supplying a few of the questions. (It’s worth saying at this point that the quiz is open to anyone, subject to the conditions below, except Julie Mungomery.)

Appetite whetted? OK, this is what you have to do:

• Answer the 25 questions below, all of which have a strongly local theme.
• Email your answers (using the subject ‘Penny Post September Quiz‘) to by 6pm on Monday 13 November 2017.

Two entries will be chosen at random from among the correct ones received and the winners notified by email.

Quiz Questions

A bit cryptic

1   A point of the compass four times along a river. East (Eastbury, East Garston, East Shefford and Easton are all on the River Lambourn).

2   A small French coast, reputedly haunted. Littlecote.

3   A village or a misspelt movie genre? Weston.

4   50% to go. Halfway.

5   No pencils or biros here. Inkpen.

6   Both baked and arboreal. Cake Wood.

7   Get thee to a sing-good nunnery (but not any more). Goodings (anagram of ‘good sing’). ‘Not any more’ because it’s no longer a nunnery.

8   Jim Hacker’s near Hungerford. Eddington (Paul Eddington played Jim Hacker in Yes Minister).

9   What cold herd is reorganised? Chaddleworth (reorganise ‘what cold herd’).

10 An intelligent John-Boy. Brightwalton. John-Boy was one of the characters in the long-running US TV series The Waltons.


11  What happened in Hungerford in 1688? A meeting was held at The Bear at which William of Orange was offered the English crown. (Click here for more on this important event.)

12 What lasted from 1981 to 2000? The Greenham Common Peace Camp.

13 What happened in Wantage in 849? The future King Alfred was born.

14 What happened near Marlborough in 1804? The Marlborough White Horse was carved into a hillside.

15 What place was know as ‘the grave’s head’ in Saxon times? Great Bedwyn.


16 What did Hampstead Norreys, Ramsbury and Membury have in common during WWII? They all had airfields.

17 What do David Rendel, Michael Ancram and Robert Jackson have in common? They were the MPs before the current incumbents for Newbury, Devizes and Wantage respectively.

18 What do Patrick Macnee, Cozy Powell and Jenny Pitman have in common? They all lived in Lambourn.

19 What do William Morris, Sir Nigel Gresley and the Duchess of Cambridge have in common? They all attended Marlborough College.

20 What do Michael Bond, Sebastian Faulks and Richard Adams have in common? They were all born in or near Newbury.


21 What had an average of 1.562 miles between stops? The Lambourn Valley Railway.

22 What is 156.2 miles long? The A34.

23 What is 668 square miles and was created in 1972? The North Wessx Downs AONB.

24 What was 62 miles long, opened in 1810 and abandoned in 1914? The Berkshire and Wiltshire Canal.

25 What was used about 372,000 times between April 2015 and March 2016? Hungerford railway station.


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