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Hogan Music Academy

In our new Music Centre in Newbury we have six fully equipped teaching rooms where we can offer a full range of music lessons for a great variety of instruments as well as DJ-ing, musical theory, recording and vocal lessons.

We believe you are never too old or young to start your budding music career! We offer the very best in music tuition for all abilities given by our qualified, inspirational and experienced teachers.

Our range of lessons include guitar, bass, piano, vocals, drums, woodwind, DJ-ing and recording. Please click here for more details. More courses are constantly being added so please get in touch to discuss the full range of what we have available.

We also organise several special classes, courses and workshops, particularly during the holiday periods. These include African drumming, guitar maintenance, ukulele groups, ensemble singing, songwriting, live-sound mixing and DJ-ing – and that’s just a selection of the ones we’ve run in 2017. Our courses are given wide publicity on our Facebook page, in the shop and here on Penny Post.

And, of course, in the same building we have not only a recording studio equipped with all the equipment and software you could want but also a superb music shop where you can buy anything from a piano to a plectrum and from a Stratocaster to sheet music. Click here for more.

Charitable status achieved

Since the Academy was founded in November 2014, the aim had always been to become a charity, whose main purpose was to make music accessible to all, regardless of financial situation or ability. This status was achieved on 22 December 22nd, 2016. This means that we could finally fulfill our core purpose and start to give musical experiences to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive them.

Our main focus is on young people – those under 25, to be precise. We are going to provide drastically subsidised sessions in schools, as well as give free lessons to those who fit the given criteria. We already operate free “Rock Schools” at the Hungerford Community Centre, and at The Clere School as after-school clubs and we are hoping to expand that provision to other schools and local centres. In  time, and depending on funding, we will also be looking to drop the price of lessons for all of our students under 25, regardless of whether they have those lessons here or at school.

We are obviously going to be in need of funding for some of these new ventures, so if you know of anyone who would like to donate to a good cause, or perhaps do a sponsored run or car wash or other such activity, just let us know – the more the merrier! We are due to be launching a fundraising campaign soon so if anyone wants to donate please contact us.

Contact Us: Academy
Hogan Academy
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Phone: 01635 49657

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