Raspberry and Nutella Pancakes

This is a simple and delicious pancake recipe that our children have enjoyed making since they were 10 years old

Plain Flour

Once you has assembled the above ingredients please follow the instructions below to create a truly wondrous seasonal delight

1. Using a bowl in proportion to your appetite place around 3 cups of flour and create a crater in the middle.

2. Place between to 2 and 4 whisked eggs in the crater

3. Stir well (The objective here is to remove all lumps from the mixture, if you’re running into trouble a blender is allowed)

4. Slowly add milk whilst stirring all the time until it has the consistency of double cream

5. Leave the batter to set in the fridge for round about 20 minutes

6. After the elapsed time take the mixture out of the fridge and begin heating a pan

7. Once the pan is hot, add a generous chunk of butter and spread it evenly around the pan

8. Using a ladle of choice pour in the batter and spread around the edges of the pan

9. Use the trusty spatula to prevent the pancake from sticking, and once one side has cooked…

10. Flip

11. Now with the cooked side facing up spread your Nutella and place your raspberries on one side of the pancake, providing enhanced roll/foldability later on

12. Once second side is cooked, relocate from pan to plate

13. Roll or fold pancake into desired shape

14. Feast


Pancake filling suggestions:

Are you trapped in pancake dogma? See below for a list of alternative pancake fillings.

The Sour Susan: Lemon/Lime and Sugar

The Lumberjack: Cheese, Bacon, Worcestershire sauce, and pepper

The Artist: Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon and Lemon Juice

The Deserter: Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream and Nutella


What’s your favourite pancake filling? Please share in the comments below.

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